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The College Planning & Development Council was established in all the Government Degree Colleges in the state in the year 2000-2001 with a view to introduce transparency in the administration of the college. They were also established to involve the public in the planning and development of Government Degree Colleges. The bye-laws of the Council were formulated by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education and they can be modified at any time by the Commissioner. The term of the members of the Council is two years. The Principal of the College is the ex-officio President of the Council. The other members of the council are nominated by the President/Principal as per the guidelines given by the Commissioner.

S. No. Name of the Member Official Design. Status on the Council
1. Dr . G. Raja Reddy Principal Chairperson
2. Mr. S. Ganapathi Rao Asst. Prof. of History Secretary
3. Mrs. G. Anitha Administrative Officer Member
4. Sri Pasunuri Dayakar Member of Parliament (Warangal) Member
5. Sri Dasyam Vinaya Bhaskar M.L.A. Warangal (West) Member
6. Mr. Bethi Raghuveer Industrialist Member
7. Dr. Kalluri Somi Reddy Associate Professor of Chemistry Member
8. Prof. P. Narsimha Rao Educationist Member
9. Dr. Koorapati Ramesh M.S. (General Surgeon) Member
10. Dr. E. Ram Bhaskar Raju IQAC/NAAC Coordinator Member
11. Dr. T. Sujatha Asst. Prof. of Microbiology Member
12. Dr. J. Somanna Physical Director Member


  • To create suitable environment for community participation in the college development.
  • To prepare a mechanism for mobilizing public contribution to help the institution achieve benchmark accomplishments with quality initiatives
  • To help in developing the right climate for academic, cultural, social and service-oriented activities for the benefit of students as well as for the community.
  • To create a suitable environment and a mechanism for community participation in the planning and development of government college without interfering with their rules and regulations of functioning
  • To create a mechanism whereby public contributions can be mobilized for the development of the government colleges.
  • To enable the community to advise and assist in introducing relevant courses of study in the college based on the felt needs of the area and to improve the quality of education.
  • To act as an active medium between the college and the community for mutual benefit.
  • To help in creating the right climate for academic, cultural, social and service oriented

activities in the college for the benefit of the students.

Powers and Functions of the CPDC:

  • To work for the furtherance of the objectives of the CPDC as mentioned in the subsequent points.
  • To manage the CPDC and to decide on admission of members and filling of casual vacancies of members.
  • To generate a separate a CPDC fund and to utilize the CPDC fund solely for the furtherance of the objectives of the CPDC.
  • To operate money matters by opening a separate account for CPDC fund in a nationalized bank.
  • To prepare a detailed plan with annual budgetary allocations for College Development and execute the developmental programmes.
  • To issue appeals for money and funds in furtherance of the objects of the CPDC and to accept gifts and donations in cash or in securities etc. to be added to the CPDC fund
  • To support construction of buildings, development of infrastructure, purchase of equipment, development of campus, plantation, improvement of amenities, games sports, reading room, library etc. from the CPDC funds.
  • To arrange or pay for guest lectures, field trips, hands-on experience for students, endowment lectures, seminars, co and extracurricular activities, cultural and fin-art activities, special training for the college.
  • To constitute merit-linked scholarships for poor students to support special coaching etc.
  • To support the college in getting consultancy services for modern/ restructured/ Vocational etc. courses in designing, teaching equipping training, funding etc. and strengthening them.
  • To arrange extension programmes for the local community for mutual benefit. To arrange consultancy services through competent lecturers of the college and the revenue shall be shared in the ratio of 40:30:30 by the lecturers, CPDC and the government respectively.
  • To support and strengthen the starting and running of self-financing courses, if needed for a period of time.
  • To appoint a Chartered Accountant as Auditor and to get the annual CPDC accounts audited and to approve the accounts.
  • To examine, approve or pass such objectivities as deemed fit of the annual report/accounts.
  • To take up any other activity/ programme in the furtherance of the objects of the CPDC and for the development of the college.

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