Applied Nutrition

Department of Applied Nutrition


 Objective & Scope

  • To enable the students to understand the concept of biochemistry regarding biomolecules carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.
  • To study the basics of enzymes and hormones.
  • To have knowledge of management of food, food service establishments, setting up a food service credit and financial management.
  • To understand the basics of meal planning, nutritional requirements.
  • To provide basic knowledge on hospital administration, organization, patient care services and hospital waste management.
  • To acquire basic fundamental knowledge about symptoms and dietary management in chronic diseases.
  • To enable the students to get an insight on the patient counselling techniques and skills.
  • To gain knowledge regarding food preservation, clinical and advanced dietetics.


Courses offered

  • B.Sc. ( Applied nutrition,  Botany, Chemistry)
  • B.Sc. (Applied nutrition,  Zoology, Chemistry)
  • B.Sc.( Applied nutrition,  Botany, Zoology)





Resource person


Number of students participated

Extension lecture


Nutrition & Health

K. RajenderRao, Scientist E, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad



Interactive Webinar

(organized by Department of Life Sciences & Social Sciences)

Pandemic Impact on Digitalization of Higher Education-Psychological & Nutritional Management

Dr. Phanikanth, Asst. Prof. of Psychiatry,IMHErragadda




Dr.BharathiKulkarni, ScientistF,

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyd








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