Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: a) The candidate must seed his/her Aadhaar with his/her /family mobile number b) The candidates should ensure that their name, gender and date of birth in Aadhaar is as per SSC, if not, they should update them in Aadhaar well in advance.

Ans: Pre-registration is to authenticate the student and generate DOST ID. The candidates can follow any one of the options: a) You can generate DOST ID (for students whose Aadhaar number is linked with mobile), from DOST official website: or b) Visit MeeSeva/DOST HLCs for bio-metrics authentication (for students whose Aadhaar number not linked to mobile) and DOST ID generation. or c) They can use T App Folio (download from Google Play store) mobile application (for TSBIE students only) for facial recognition and reference ID; and visit DOST website for DOST ID generation.

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