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Government Degree College

Falaknuma, Hyderabad 

Electronic governance or e-governance implies College functioning with the application of ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Hence e-Governance is basically a move towards SMART governance implying: simple, moral, accountable, responsive and transparent governance.

What is SMART Governance?

  • Simple — implies simplification of rules and regulations of the government and avoiding complex processes with the application of ICTs and therefore, providing a user-friendly college.
  • Moral — meaning the emergence of a new system in the administrative and political machinery with technology interventions to improve the efficiency of various college departments.
  • Accountable — develop effective information management systems and other performance measurement mechanisms to ensure the accountability of public service functionaries.
  • Responsive — Speed up processes by streamlining them, hence making the system more responsive.
  • Transparent — providing information in the public domain like websites or various portals hence making functions and processes of the college transparent.

This Section of the Webpage gives the details of E- Governance Measures taken up by the College