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Botany-Webinar on Women and Human Rights in India on 11-06-2021       Hetro drug pharma company job drive 27.08.2021       Botany -Extension Lecture on Photosynthesis on 07-09-2021       Chemistry       NSS      
Botany-International Conference  on Plants and Environment       task       phy3       phy       Botany -	Webinar on "Effect of Blue Light Emitted from Electronic Screens on Memory 31st March 2021      
Botany-Two day Workshop on Techniques in Biotechnology on 15-02-2019-16-02-2019       Zoology Webinar       Botany-Field Visit to Polyhouse- Makloor,Nizamabad District on 7th Feb.2020       nss4       Zoology BOS meeting      
Extension Lecture on Biofertilizers and Organic Farming
on 4th March 2021
      vermicompost visit       zool2       zool2       che      
Haritha haram      

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