• Botany


      • The department was established in 2008.
      • The department has one faculty member, designated as Assistant Professor of Botany experienced both in teaching and research, state level best lecturer awarded in botany subject.
      • Department organized a State level Workshop on “Trends in Palynotaxonomy”.
      • Our students presented “the flora of Patancheru” Jignasa student project at state level programme conducted by Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Hyderabad.
      • In addition to regular teaching aids, digital ICT technology is used regularly.
      • Departmental library is maintained.
      • Study projects and assignments are given to the students.
      • Conducting students’ seminars on important topics.
      • Organizing field trips relevant to the subject.
      • Faculty participated in Refresher course in e-content development.
      • The Botany Subject results in the University Exams are at an average of  of 70% this year.
      • The Departmental Library has reference Books, Paper Clippings, Previous Question Papers, Question Banks etc., which are kept for students’ usage.
      • Teaching practices involve using models and PPTs etc..
      • The Department provides additional curricular modules to the students .
      • Quiz programmes and group discussion are conducted.
      • Counseling is given to the students so that they would overcome personal as well as career problems.


      • The Department of Botany was established in the year 2008.
      • Smt. R.Swarna latha was a former Assistant Professor of Botany in the department.
      • Presently Dr. D. Srihari Reddy is working as  Assistant Professor of Botany in the department.
      • The Department has well equipped Lab with ample number of Specimens, Slides, Herbarium Cabinet, Research Microscope, number of Compound Microscopes, Centrifuge, incubator, Electrical Heater etc.., for performing the practicals related to Syllabus.
      • Since the establishment, the Department has procured material and equipment needed to conduct the Practicals.
      • The result in the subject of Botany in the University Examinations is at an average of 70%.
      • The departmental library has reference books, paper clippings, previous Question Papers, Question Banks etc. which are kept for the use of students.
      • Teaching practices involved using Permanent Micro-slides and PPTs etc.
      • The department provides additional curricular modules to the students to give additional information.
      • In addition to usual teaching aids the department makes use of digital projector and MANA TV.
      • The department conducts extension lectures every year by inviting expert faculty.
      • The students are evaluated regularly by conducting Unit-Tests, Assignments, Seminars and Quiz programs.
      • Students who stand below average are treated with extra care.








        Dr. Srihari Reddy Devarinti

        Assistant Professor of Botany

        M.Sc, UGC-NET, Ph.D.

        Palynotaxonomy and ethnobotany

        14 years


        Faculty Profile

        1. Name                   :Dr. Srihari Reddy Devarinti
        2. Fathers name           : Sri. Narayana Reddy
        3. Gender                 : Male
        4. Date of birth          : 17-09-1972                    
        5. Educational qualifications : M.Sc, UGC JRF-NET, Ph.D.
        6. Designation            : Asst. Professor
        7. Date of joining        :30-06-2018                  
        8. Teaching experience    :14 years
        9. e-Content state level coordinator in botany
        10. Subject Presenter T-SAT-live channel (Mana TV)
        11. Research activities:
          • Doctoral thesis on “Palynotaxonomical studies on the flora of Chityal reserve forest area, Nalgonda Dist., Telangana” was accepted by Osmania University, Hyderabad.
          • Completed the Minor Research Project“the palynotaxonomical studies on the flora of Nalgonda Dist. with emphasis on medicinal flora”  sanctioned by UGC-SERO .
          • Conducted studies on the ethnobotany of Nallamala area.
          • Conducted a State level Workshop on “Trends in Palynotaxonomy”.

        Extracurricular activities :

      • State coordinator, Botany e-content committee

        • Programme Officer, N.S.S.
        • : Convenor, Eco club and Haritha Haram
        • : Convernor, Youth Red Cross Society
        • : Convenor, Yoga & Meditation Forum
        • : Coordinator: NAAC(Criteria 7 )
        • : Member in
        • Descipline & Anti-ragging Committee
        • Bhagya (Health club)


            Academic Profile

        • Has been working as an Assistant Professor of botany in Govt. Degree College, Patancheru since June 30, 2018.
        • From May 17, 2013 to June 29, 2018 worked in Govt. Degree College, Ramannapet as an Assistant Professor of Botany.
        • From Nov 07, 2010 to May 16th, 2013 worked in SUMGDC, Kondanagula as a Lecturer in Botany.
        • In 2006 appointed as a Jr. lecturer in botany through APPSC. From March 30, 2006 to Nov 06, 2010 worked in Govt. Junior College, Devarkonda as a Junior lecturer in Botany and Promoted as a degree lecturer.
        • From 2004 to 2006 worked in Sri Chaitanya Junior College as a lecturer in botany.
        • From 2002 to 2004 worked in Govt. Junior College as a Jr. lecturer(Contract) in botany.
        • From 2001 to 2002 worked in Govt. Degree College, Ramannapet as a lecturer(Contract) in botany.
        • From 1998 to 2001 worked in University of Witten, Germany for Ph.D.(discontinued)
        • From 1996 to 1998 worked in Dept. of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science as a Project Asst. in Protein sequencing facility.
        • In 1996 completed M.Sc. Plant Science from Hyderabad Central  University in first division, qualified for UGC Jr. Research Fellowship and NET in the discipline of Life Sciences.                    LINKS:                                  


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