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      With the invention of computer in 1872 by Charles Babbage a new revolution in the scientific world has taken place.  The mass production of computers by many organizations all over the world lead to various generations of computers   and with this developed technology actual utility started from fourth generation onwards and there is no field untouched with computers this resulted in demand for computer study and also for computer trained persons all over the world.  With the increase in demand universities in Telangana State have introduced the subject of computers at various levels.

      The department of computers was established on 26-08-1997 with a small room consisting of 4 black and white computers provided by former local M.L.A. Dr.Vijaya Rama Rao. Later former local M.P. Sri M.Rajaiah provided new A/C computer Lab with 9 color computers in 1999. Since the remarkable development in the infrastructure of the department was taken place and number of computers increased.

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