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    • Establishment:

      The Department of Microbiology was established on 26th August 1997 in the academic year 1997-1998 right from the constitution of the Government Degree College in Gajwel town. The Microbiology course was introduced as restructured B.Sc course in biology stream offered with combination of Botany and Chemistry from academic year 1997-1998 in English medium. It is great privilege to the department that Dr. K. Vijayarama Rao, MBBS the then MLA Gajwel, Ex- Minister of state cabinet, Government of Andhra Pradesh served as honorary lecturer in Microbiology for a period of few months.

      The Department of Microbiology serving the students from its inception. It is acting as the fountain head of inspiration and one of the linchpin of the college curricular activities. This college, particularly the department of Microbiology molded many generations since it’s establishment. The Department of Microbiology playing a key role in the development of college. On the recommendation of the standing committee on vocational educations, University grants commission (UGC) approved proposal of the college and sanctioned Microbiology programme at UG level from 1997.

      Composition ofFaculty: Dr. K. Vijayarama Rao, MBBS the then MLA of Gajwel was the first faculty member of Microbiology Department. Dr. V. Vasava chary,MBBS mr. T. Nagendra Kumar, Mr. P. Prabhakar, Dr. Mary Chandravathy, Mr. B. Prabhakar, Ms. G.Roja Margaret, Mr. G.Ramana Reddy successfully acted as faculty members for the Department of Microbiology from 1997 to 2002. Ms. Sharada, Ms. P.Renuka, Ms. Aravinda Lavanya, Dr. B. Venkateshwar, Dr. K. Niranjan Rao acted as faculty members from 2002 to 2004. Mr. R. Venkat Ramchandar, successfully acted as in-charge from the 2013 to 2018. Presently   Dr. N. Harikrishna, appointed as Assistant Professor of Microbiology and made as head of Department from Academic year,  2018 to till date. The department learning and showing its progress continuously in its academic and research activities.

      About the faculty:

      Dr. N. Harikrishna, Assistant Professor of Microbiology appointed through the APPSC recruitment in 2011. He has more than 11 years of teaching experience in Microbiology at Bachelor Degree level.

      He worked as a Lecturer in Microbiology at Nizam College, Hyderabad, from 2008 to 2010. He served as a Lecturer in Microbiology at Government Degree College, Siddipet (A), Siddipet district from December 2011 to June 2018. Presently, He discharging duties at this college from June 2018 to till date.

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