• Mathematics


      The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1997.

      B.Sc. course with two combinations was started with M.P.C., and M.P.Cs.


           English is the medium of instruction for both the combinations.

            The department has two sanctioned post for teaching.

      The department has been well equipped with essential books and competitive books. Mathematics course is in high demand now with 60 in M.P.C. and M.P.Cs. combinations each


      At the time of establish the department was first established in the old building. In the Jan2018 the department was shifted to new building which consists of one separate laboratory. In 2018 the department has shifted to this new building i.e. Men’s Education hub.

      The Alumni has distinguished themselves in academic and administrative areas in the state and occupying of responsibility establishment and in academic institutions. Every year pass percentage of our college is increasing. 15 students were admitted in to M.Sc Mathematics in various Universities and earned reputation as Researchers andLecturers.

      In addition to this the department has separate library. The department has well established etc.

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