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      The department was established in 2009 in order to provide high quality education for women students and to explore the recent advances in innovative teaching learning methods for the effective teaching. The department is having qualified and dedicated teaching staff who are working for the overall development of women students. We are committed to help students to learn, understand, interpret, analyze and apply a variety of Physical concepts in under graduate education.




      Ø Departmental Programs are focused on the spectrum where brilliants are given scope and the average students are encouraged.

      Ø  Reaching out to the needy and the less privileged has always been the aspiration of the department.

      Ø  Motivation is the key for the department.

      Ø  Persistent efforts are being made for the placement of the students.

      Ø  To provide clear route for innovative ideas and create a room for developing one’s own examples and exercises.

      Ø  To keep the students informed of the latest advancements in the field of mathematics.

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