• Zoology
    • Department of Zoology was established in the year 1971. Department of Zoology organizes co-curricular activities every academic year to make learning beyond the classroom and fun oriented activities include seminars, workshops & guest lectures.


      • To provide a strong foundation in the concepts of animal structure, function and behaviour.
      • To provide practical skills and knowledge of applied aspects of Zoology which can pave the way for self-employment opportunities in Aquaculture, Apiculture, Vermiculture & Sericulture.
      • To provide a strong foundation for a better understanding of current advances in Zoology and its practical significance.
      • To inculcate critical thinking and analytical skills to enable students to pursue higher studies and research in Life Sciences or related fields of Zoology.

      Head of the Department: A.GOPAL, Designation:Principal(FAC),Asst.Professor of Zoology

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