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      About the Department:

      The department offers a comprehensive curriculum covering political theory, Political thought, Indian government and politics, international relations, and local governance. It has a dedicated and passionate faculty members who have a deep understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications of political science.The faculty members are responsible for delivering high-quality education. Their expertise in various subfields of political science ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive academic curriculum.The faculty supports students in understanding various career paths within political science, offering advice on internships, post-graduate studies, and job opportunities within Telangana or elsewhere.The department actively engages with the local community, organizing seminars, workshops, and outreach programs to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world issues. The department facilitates internships for students in nearby government offices, political organizations, or community development projects.The Department invites guest speakers to provide students with first-hand insights into the political landscape of Telangana. The students are encouraged to actively participate in political events, debates, and discussions both within the college and in the larger community. The college library has a good number of book collection of political science, with a focus on materials relevant to the Political Theory, Indian Government and Politics, Political thought and International relations.


      Vision of the Department of political science:

      "To be a leading centre of academic excellence in political science education, fostering a deep understanding of regional political dynamics while nurturing globally aware, responsible, and proactive citizens."


      Mission of the Department of political science:

      • To provide high-quality political science education that equips students with a deep understanding of political theories, governance, and policy, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.
      • To impart knowledge that is deeply rooted in the political dynamics of Telangana, contextualizing global political theories within the regional context to create informed citizens and future leaders.
      • To promote research initiatives that focus on local political issues, governance challenges, and policies within Telangana, contributing to the academic body of knowledge and providing practical solutions.
      • To actively engage with the local community through student and faculty involvement in projects and initiatives addressing political issues and contributing to the betterment of society within Telangana.
      • To encourage a diverse range of perspectives and voices within the department, fostering an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of Telangana's political landscape.
      • To connect the regional politics of Telangana with broader global political trends and issues, providing students with a holistic understanding of political systems.
      • To prepare students for a variety of career paths in governance, public service, law, international relations, academia, and other sectors, ensuring they are well-equipped to pursue opportunities within Telangana and beyond.
      • To integrate the rich cultural heritage of Telangana into the curriculum, fostering a sense of identity and appreciation among students.
      • To empower students with knowledge and skills, enabling them to actively participate in civic and political activities, make informed decisions, and contribute to the political development and governance of Telangana.


      Department Activities:

      • The Department of Political Science engages in various important activities to enrich students and contribute to the academic and community landscape. Some of the important activities of the Department are as follows:
      • Updating the curriculum to reflect the unique political dynamics of Telangana, integrating local case studies and examples into the courses.
      • Hosting regular lectures and seminars by faculty members and guest speakers to discuss contemporary political issues, theories, and their relevance to the local context.
      • Encouraging students and faculty to undertake research projects focused on local governance, policies, and political phenomena specific to Telangana.
      • Engaging students in community outreach initiatives, such as organizing voter awareness drives, public policy discussions, or collaborating with local NGOs to address community issues.
      • Facilitating internships with local government bodies, NGOs, or political organizations, enabling students to gain practical experience in the field of politics and governance.
      • Organizing debates and model sessions to simulate political scenarios, allowing students to actively engage in discussions and understand the practical aspects of governance.
      • Supporting student-led political science associations or clubs, providing a platform for discussions, events, and activities related to political science.
      • Arranging field trips to political institutions, government offices, or historical sites relevant to Telangana's political history, enhancing students' practical understanding of the subject.
      • Collaborating with local government bodies, think tanks, or universities to exchange knowledge, conduct joint research, and provide students with hands-on learning experiences.
      • Encouraging students and faculty to contribute articles and research papers to a departmental or college-level publication focusing on political science topics.

      Papers Offer:

      • Understanding political theory
      • Western political thought
      • Indian political thought
      • Constitution and politics of india
      • International relations
      • Global politics
      • Understanding political theory
      • Constitution and politics of india
      • Global politics


      Programme Outcomes:

      Studying Political Science in a degree college especially, located in rural Telangana can lead to various important program outcomes that empower students with knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the field. Here are some significant program outcomes:


      • Studentswill develop a deep understanding of political theories, government structures, international relations, and public policy which enables them to analyse and interpret political phenomena.
      • Given the regional context of Telangana, Studentswill be well-versed in the unique political dynamics, history, and governance structures of the state.
      • Students can develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills, allowing them to assess different political situations, policies, and events with a discerning eye.
      • Studentswill get the opportunity to be proficient in research methodologies, data analysis, and academic writing, preparing them for research-based careers or postgraduate studies.
      • Studentswill be able to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively, both in writing and verbally.
      • Studentscan be prepared to actively engage in civic and political activities, making informed decisions as responsible citizens.
      • Students will be exposed to global political trends and issues, allowing them to understand the interconnectedness of the world and the impact of global politics on regional affairs.
      • Studentswill be equipped with problem-solving skills to address political challenges and contribute to policy solutions within Telangana.
      • Studentscan be trained to adhere ethical standards in political analysis and engage in inclusive discussions that respect diverse viewpoints.
      • The well-equipped faculty members of department prepares student for a variety of career paths, including government, public service, law, journalism, international relations, academia, and more, ensuring they are well-equipped to pursue opportunities within Telangana or elsewhere.
      • Students are generally motivated to engage with the local community through internships, volunteer work, and research projects that address political issues and contribute to societal well-being within the state.
      • Studentswill get the knowledge to understand how political decisions and governance impact various aspects of society, culture, and the socio-economic conditions within Telangana and elsewhere.


      These program outcomes aim to provide a well-rounded and locally relevant education in political science, preparing Students to contribute to the political landscape of Telangana while also offering them the flexibility to pursue careers and opportunities from local to global.


      Career opportunities:

      Studying Political Science at under graduation level can open up various career opportunities and some of the important career opportunities are as follows:

      • Graduates can pursue careers in administrative services, policy analysis, or public administration within the local or state government bodies in Telangana.
      • Individuals can work as political analysts, consultants, or advisors for political parties, think tanks, or organizations, providing insights on political trends, policy implications, and strategies.
      • Working with NGOs focusing on social and political issues in Telangana, advocating for human rights, social justice, or community development.
      • Graduates can explore careers in international relations, diplomacy, or foreign affairs, representing Telangana or India at a national or international level.
      • Pursuing a career in journalism, reporting on political events, policies, and analysis for local or national newspapers, television, or online media platforms.
      • Working as researchers, professors, or lecturers in academic institutions, contributing to political science research and education.
      • Graduates can enter the legal profession, specializing in constitutional law, public policy, or serving as legal advisors within political spheres.
      • Engaging in political campaigns, managing election strategies, and working for politicians or political parties.
      • Joining the corporate sector in roles related to corporate social responsibility, government affairs, or public relations, utilizing political science knowledge.
      • Working in policy think tanks, lobbying firms, or advocacy groups to influence public policy and governance in Telangana.
      • Utilizing skills in research and analysis to work in market research firms, analysing consumer behaviour influenced by political policies.
      • Pursuing a career in teaching political science in schools or colleges, imparting knowledge to the next generation.
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