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    •                                                 About Department of Economics:

                      In the year 1991, the college introduced Department of Economics with different combinations at UG level keeping in view the need for strengthening itsCommerce Wing and growing Competition in the Banking and Business fields.  Previously the department of Economics under the OSMANIA UNIVERSITY up to 2010, After 2010 – 2011 academic year this department converted to the PALAMUR UNIVERSITY.  The department of Economics has been providing excellent Learning platform for the arts students.Department Economics for more than two years, some of the present faculty members are the products of this department.  With the passage of time year, till today a admission into UG courses is a great demand.  This department running withtwo members of faculty.

      1. Names of Programmes / Courses offered: UG-B.A.-EHP, EPP.
      2. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the departments/units  involved:

      Political Science, History, and Public Admn..

      1. Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise):Annual
      2. Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments: JKC,                        


      1. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, institutions: Nil.
      2. Details of courses/ programmes  discontinued (if any) with reasons : Nil



      Our motto:

                                                                                                            Any problem will take sportively

      Present Faculty Contact Details:







      Contact Number


      E - mail








      Name of the candidate





      Date  of appointment

      28-06-2008                 01.10.2008

      Date of birth



      Completed in 1993 at ZPHS Athmakur(M), Mahaboobnagar Dist.


      Completed in 1993 at Govt. Jr. College,Athmakur(M), Mahaboobnagar Dist.

      Under Graduate

      BA (EPP)

      Completed in 2003Under Osmania University,Wanaparthy), Mahaboobnagar Dist.

      Post Graduate

      M.A, (Economics)

      Completed in 2006 at PG College, Sec’bad. Osmania University, Hyderabad,


      C. Mannemanna, S/o. C. Bhaskar, H.No: 2-46/2, Singampet Village, Athmakur(A) Mandal, Mahabbobnagar Dist. – 509131

      Cell: 9989306207


      NSS Volunteer under UG Level































      TEACHING: -

      Regularly maintaining teaching diaries, giving synopsis and teaching      notes to our students.

      • Preparing annual academic plans and future plans.
      • The departmental meetings are conducted frequently under the chairmanship of our principal to discus academic and other matters.
      • The department is regularly arranging class seminars for students and conducting quiz competitions.
      •  The department makes use of teaching aids such as maps, charts, slides, diagrams, Power Point presentation and also MANA TV programmes.





      The department is arranging remedial coaching classes for week and backlog students and also to show learners to improve their academic standards.  

      • The department organizes personal development classes in every year and conducts debates to drive out fear complex among the students.
      • The department preserves newspaper clipping and articles to provide additional information on the latest developments in the subject and current topics.



      1. The department conducts regularly Unit tests and quarterly, Half yearly and pre-final exams and marks are posted in the register.
      2. Students are classified into three categories such as bright, average and slow learners on the basis of the performance.
      3. Each student is evaluated in the class by way of tests, class room seminars and guidelines are given to prepare for university level and other competitive exams.
      4. Assignments are given to average and backlog students. Teaching notes are also given to students every year.
      5. Study projects are given to bright and advanced students. In this academic year every student is preparing project work.
      6. The students who secure less mark are given reading material and also remedial classes are conducted.
      7. Every year the students who secure highest marks in the Economics are presented with prizes to inspire other students.

      Infra structure and learning:

      The department maintain separate departmental library consisting of consisting of Useful books to the students.

      We have one computer with net connection.

      The department is maintaining previous question papers and question bank.

      The department is giving notes and supplied the reading and printed materials.

      Availing the opportunity of E-class room by showing the pre recorded audio visual lessons through MANA TV programmes.

      The department providing M.A. entrance bits and questions.

      Department store the project works to guide the research activities for our students.



      Student Support and Progression:

      The students are grouped and placed under a teacher to develop close rapport to solve the personal problems of each student.

      The department also maintaining ward counseling register.

      Students are encouraged to celebrate Teacher’s day.

      Students are encouraged to do PG and prepare competitive exams of their choice.                                                                                     


                                                                                                 INNOVATIVE AND BEST PRACTICES:


      • Students are encouraged to participate in SWATCH BHARATH, Tree Plantationprogramme.
      • Students are advised to join in NSS to serve the village community.
      • Students are motivated to teach illiteratesin their villages during holidays.
      • Students are motivated to participate in Blood donation camps.
      • Students are participated AADHAR card, MEE-SEVA, VOTER ID Enrollment programmes.
      • Staff and students are with human touch and the institutions adopt the “CheyuthaAnathaAshramam” in aspect of education.


                                                                                                  Highlights of the department:


      • Bridge classes are conducted for 1st year students,
      • Additional curriculum is taught
      • Class seminars are conducted.
      • Assignments are given to students.
      • Unit tests, quarterly, half yearly and pre-final exams are conducted.
      • Students are encouraged to take up study projects.
      • Attended orientation course.
      • Participated and presented papers in State and National level seminars.
      • Remedial classes are conducted.
      • Extension work in the institute is undertaken.
      • Making to the students aware of the lively activities through field trips, NSS camps.


                                                                                                   Unique features of department:

      The student of each class is classified in three categories which are bright, average and slow learners.The bright students are made as batch leaders and average students are made group leaders, for evaluation of home work notes books by practice of the department is that the teacher evaluates the note books of batch leaders and also clarification of doubts in the subject the slow learners raise their doubts with group leaders and batch leaders and  in turn batch leaders with the teachers. In this process the  student does not feel any agitation to clarify their doubts. 


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