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                 The college was established in the year 1991.The Department of Mathematics was started with B.Sc MPC (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) in 1991. Previously the department of Mathematics under the OSMANIA UNIVERSITY upto 2010, after 2010-2011 academic year the department converted to PALAMURU UNIVERSITY. In 2016 Palamuru University introduced MPCs Course in our college. Telangana Government start Semester system in the year 2016. In 2019 Palamuru University introduced MPC English medium Course in our college. At present the student strength of the department is 231.

      Faculty Profile


      At Present 02 faculty members are present in the department.



      Name of the Lecturer




      Smt. D.Sattemma

      Asst. Professor



      Smt. G.Yuva Roopa Lakshmi


      13 Years



      Faculty Bio- Data:

      Name                                    :  D.Sattemma


      Father Name                         : D.Narsaiah

      Gender                                 : Female

      Date of birth                         : 20/03/1986

      Residential address              :  Anksapur (V)


                                                      Nizamabad (Dist.)

      Contact number                    :9703880022

      E-mail id                              :

      Education qualification       : M.Sc , M.Tech, SET,(P.hd)

       Designation                        :  Asst. Professor in Mathematics

      Date of joining                    : 04-08-2016

      Recruitment                        : JL Promotion

      Teaching experience           : 04 years

      • Completed M.Sc. from Osmania University.
      • Completed M.Tech.(Geo-Informatics & Surveying Technology) from JNTU, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
      • Persuing P.hd from Osmania University (Joined in 2018).Topic for P.hd is “Mathematical Modelling and its Applications on Geo-Science”.
      • Have 04 years experience as DL.

      TSKC-TASKCoordinator, Minimum Physical & Academic needs –Convener, Convener for Women Empowerment cell



      Faculty Bio- Data:



      Name                               : G.YUVA ROOPA LAKSHMI

      Father Name                    : G.RAMA MOHAN

      Gender                             : Female

      Date of birth                     :25-01-1980

      Residential address          :H.No: 42-242/16/3

                                                 New Town colony


      Contact number                : 9490600611

      E-mail id                          :

      Education qualification    : M.Sc, B.Ed, TS-SET

      Designation                      : Lecturer in Mathematics

      Date of joining                 :15-10-2007

      Recruitment                     : Through RJD

      Teaching experience        :13years


      Name:  G.Yuva Roopa Lakshmi


      • Completed M.Sc. from Osmania University.
      • Have 13 Years teaching experience.
      • Member in AISHE, Women Empowerment Cell, Hobby Day, IIC College committees.



      • Department of mathematics follows the syllabus and other curricular aspects framed by Palamuru University, Mahabubnagar.
      • Students are encouraged to participate in Group discussions, Seminars and Quiz programmes.
      • Further they are guided to do some projects to strengthen their application skills in the subject required during their study.
      • The students are encouraged to take active part in extra-curricular activities like campus clean and green programme.



      • The teaching involves mainly Lecture, Inductive and Deductive methods.
      • In the beginning of each academic year the annual academic plans are prepared by each lecturer.
      • Teaching diary and teaching notes are maintained by every staff member.
      • Most of the students admitted in the first year course come mainly from rural areas. So the department conducts bridge classes to cope with the syllabus, as there is marginal gap in the standards of Intermediate and Graduation.
      • Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, quiz and group discussions conducted by lecturers in their respective classes.
      • The educationally backward students in each class are identified and are given remedial coaching.
      • The students have been encouraged to collect different clippings related to the subject from newspapers and magazines.

      The department makes use of teaching aids such as charts, Power Point presentation, Digital Boards and also MANA TV programmes.




      • The students are encouraged to read textbooks from the college main library and they discuss difficult topics with the staff members.
      • Slow learners are identified and given remedial classes.
      • Average students are encouraged to write assignments on the topics useful for the examinations.
      • The bright students are encouraged to undertake study projects.





      • The performance of the students evaluated through unit tests, half yearly exams and Internal Exams. The pre-final examination at the end of the academic year improves final performance level of the students.
      • The performance of students is also evaluated by the following programmes.


      • Student Seminars
      • Quiz Programmes
      • Group Discussions
      • Assignments


      • Based on the information present in the bio-data from the department takes counseling pertaining to academic and career matters.
      • The Lecturers of the department are giving PG Entrance coaching  for Outgoing students.
      • Students are motivated for higher studies. Most of our students joined in P.G, MCA and B.Ed course.
      • We are given personal counseling and conducting remedial classes for slow learners to improve the subject.




      • Students are advised to inculcate good moral values.
      • Students are advised to prepare models, charts etc of their subject interest.
      • Personal problems of the students are entertained through ward counseling system and solved their problems as far possible.
      • Students are motivated to choose Mathe- magical Tricks, Solving of SUDOKU and Logical thinking problems of their choice.
      • Through Career Guidance Cell the faculty is guiding the non-maths students for competitive exams.

      Highlites of the Department


      • The Department of Mathematics is producing excellent results every year.
      • The students are encouraged to involve in study projects.
      • The students are encouraged to involve in Jignasa Programme.
      • Students are encouraged to join in job oriented courses like TASK-TSKC.
      • Recently our MPCs student has attained placement in “IBRIDGE DIGITAL”, through her fulfillment of TASK_TSKC course undergone through the college.
      • MANA TV/KU Band lessons are regularly viewed by students and faculty members.



      Future Plans of  the Department


      • To concentrate more on student problems and to improve their results.


      • Propose to organize District level Quiz competition.


      • Propose to field trip to Jurala Hydral Power Generation Project.


      • Propose to conduct surveyon Fobia on Mathematics.


      • To conduct Workshop in Mathematics in District level.



      Thanking You






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