• Computer Science


      The department of Computer Science has been functioning since 2001 . This department was given affiliation by the Osmania University in the same academic year when it was given affiliation to MPCTM, EM and MPCs –EM courses. Presently the department is affiliated with the PalamuruUniversity . There are no sanctioned posts since it’s inception, but as per the workload two faculty members have been working as Guest faculty under self-financing course . The college has been representing the CCETS for the sanctioning of posts. The department has been sharing the responsibility along with the other departments in providing the quality education to the economically and socially backward girl students who join in this college and also striving hard to transform them into a completely developed educated women who can face the present age challenges.


      Computer science is a branch of science and technology that encompasses all aspects of a computer system including computer software, hardware, and networking. The rise of information technology or IT has profoundly affected modern society. Consequently, computers have become devices of daily use. IT andtelecommunications are playing a crucial role. World Wide Web and advanced ITtools have created new opportunities hence the department has a clear objective to transform our normal student’s computer literate students who can face the latest software applications.

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