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      “To energize the young men and women in functional communication in English to meet the diversified challenges and become global citizen competing with the world with English”



      1. To encourage and motivate the students that English is just a language and it is much easier than the mother tongue like Telugu.
      2. To minimize the phobia of speaking in English.
      3. To make them understand that communication in English can be acquired without mastering grammar.
      4. To familiarize them to the native pronunciation by providing them audio material and make them listen to it.
      5. To encourage them to speak in English at least in the campus.
      6. To encourage them to read newspapers, short stories, interesting articles etc. in English and cultivate the habit of reading in English.
      7. To encourage them to write whatever in English, particularly SMS, Facebook status, WhatsApp messages etc. in English and gradually leading them towards writing essays, creative writing, comments, reviews of films etc.


      Department of English: Profile - - - 

      Department of English has been unique since its inception along with the college in 1960.  It has been the students' hangout for one reason i.e. friendliness.  The Department of English has been friendly and strriving hard to motivate the students in improving their language skills in English.  The department has been praised by one and all for its devoted lecturers who have been always available for the students.


      The department has always got good results to its credit.  The department has three sanctioned posts of Lecturers in English.  At present only two posts are filled with most efficient and hard working lecturers who are managing 1400 students.  The department is successfully utilising all the available infrastructure to make students inclined to learn English.  The department besides its hectic schedule is rendering its service to TSKC and taking classes for the students of TSKC in Communication Skills in English.  Not only this the department has been offering a free certificate course in English for the out going students keeping in the view the importance of communication skills in getting a job.  The department is also maintaining an exclusive website with links to various websites to learn English online and also uploading study material from time to time.

      The link to the Department Website is:

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