• Botany

      1. The Department of Botany was established in the year 1960.
      2. The department was in composite college and offered both intermediate and degree courses.
      3. The composite college was separated in the year 1996, and since then, the department is confined to only degree courses Bsc, Bzc. Bsc, Bcc-A restructured course introduced in the year -1999. Bsc, BBC restructured course introduced in the year -2008.In the CBCS Semester Systems the new groups are introduced B.Sc BZCA,MZB,BT.BZ in the year 2019.
      4. In the department of Botany we have well established laboratories B-1 and B-2 with all required equipment and materials.
      5. In addition to the laboratories, we have a students reading room in which we have provided some important reference books both Telugu and English medium journals.
      6. This department library benefits the students and encourages their scientific interest.
      7. We have 209 reference books and the students go through them in the leisure hours under the guidance of the staff members.
      8. We enrich the knowledge of the students by arranging MANA T.V. programmes regularly.
      9. Not only with the regular classroom teaching but also by arranging extension lectures by the eminent personalities in the subject.
      10. We are encouraging the students to come up with new departments in the subject and we are exposing them to the new learning methods.
      11. Apartment from the regular practical work, we also take the students to the field trips and botanical tours to have the direct experience.
      12. We give project works to the advanced learners and seminars to the bright students.
      13. Students are involved in the academic activities like unit tests, assignments, preparation of question bank; glossary works and charts.
      14. We take Remedial classes to the slow learners and train to improve their academic performance.
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