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    • Department of  Commerce & Business Management

      SNo Name_of_the_Faculty Qualifications Designation Faculty Profile Photo
      1 Dr. S. Vinodar Rao M.Com.,M.Ed.,SET,Ph.D.


      2 Sri. K. Linga Reddy M.Com.,M.Sc.Psy).,M.Phil.,PGDCA,SET,NET Assistant_professor
      3 Mrs. J. Sarala Jhansi Rani M.Com., M.Phil.,SET Assistant_professor
      4 Smt. G.Sujatha M.Com.,M.Ed.,M.Phil. Lecturer in Commerce
      5 Dr. Aayesha Shaik M.Com.,Ph.D. Assistant_professor g
      6 Mrs.G. Pavani M.Com.,NET Assistant_professor
      7 Mrs. C. Lavanya M.Com.,M.Ed.,NET Assistant_professor
      8 Mr. Rajeeru Jarupula M.Com.NET, SET Assistant_professor

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