• English
    •  The department of english was christened in the year 1973 when the college started functing through the department has a humble orgin with to sanction posts , It was always blessed with efficient and dedicated lecturers.

          At Present there are 5 santioned posts and out of the 5 1 is on rugular basis 2 on contract basis and 1 guest faculty is also appointed.


      1. K. Kamala Christiana, M.A, NET, M.Phil

      2. D.S. Chakravarthy, M.A ., Asst. prof

      3. CH. Shobha rani      M.A B.Ed , M.phil,PGCTE, SET , 

      4. Jayanthi Nagamallika, M.A ., Asst. prof

      5. Meenakshi, Asst. prof

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