• Zoology
    •     the Department of Zoology started functioning in the year 1973. intial strength of B.Sc, BZC E/M and T/M was 30. there was only one laboratory initially. there exists two laboratories now. During the year 1999 restructured courses like boichemistry, Zoology, Chemistry and BZCA were introduced in the year 2005 microbiology aombination was introduced M.Sc(Zoology) was introduced during the year 2006. the UG Zoology students strength is 460 and PG Zoology Strength is 50.

      Teaching Staff:

      1. S.Swetha M.Sc, P.hD

      2. N. Sangetha Rani 

      3..Smt.J. Anitha  M.Sc, Lec. in Zoology

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