• Physics
    •      In the year 1973 this College emerged with B.A and B.Sc undergraduate course. After 25 years i.e., in 1998 B.Sc MPC and MPCS courses were started with the appointment of only one Lecturer in Physics Sri.A.Ramabrahmachary with an initial strength of 100 students. Another four lecturers were appointed later on. Students were not established. in 1999 the Physics lab was stablished and inauguratated bny the Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University. After that UGC sanctioned three Lakh rupees for the development of Physics labs. In 2004, the College administration has changed the location of the established Physics laboratories first from Chaitnya Bharathi Auditorium to Room No 20 and 21 in the main building in 2004 just before the first NAAC Visit. Later third lab was constructed beside lab1 and lab2 with UGC funding. Again in 2010 the three labs were well established in new building. Now the strength has gone up to 400.

      Teaching Staff Members:

      1. Y. Satyanarayana Reddy

      2. P. Aruna 



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