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      The Department of English came into existence since the inception of the College in 1956.Prof.I.V.Chalapathi Rao & Sri.K.Y.L.Narshima Rao , Former Principals & Doyens of English Literature have developed the department and the Institution. It strives to Encourage and Improve the Communicative Competence of the Rural Students . The Faculty is actively involved in impacting Communication Skills to the students. All the Faculty Members have undergone skills up-date training jointly organised by U.S. State Department Of English Language Fellow Programme (ELF) and CCE, A.P., Hyderabad under the guidance of George Bishop Jr ., Senior English Language Fellow. The Department established a Modern English Language Laboratory (ELL) to train the students in accent, Rhythm and Intonation . The Department introduced M.A. (English) Programme in 2004-2005. All the faculty members of the department are actively participating as Guest English Mentors(Gems) in the activities of JKC , DRC sponsored Special Training Programme  (STP) . The Department also offers Certificate Course in English Communicative & Soft skills .The Ultimate aim of the department is to improve and strengthen the English Communicative Skills of the students paving way for enhanced employability opportunities.


      Sl Name of the Employee Qualification Experience
      1 J.Uma Maheshwari M.A.,B.Ed.,PGCTE, SET 10 years
      2 Dr.S.Odelu Kumar M.A., Ph.D. 8 years
      3 Dr.M.Shobha Rani M.A., Ph.D. 7 years
      4 G.Ramakrishna M.A,SET, NET 7 years
      5 Ch.Maruthi M.A.,NET.,SET.,BEd. 6 years
      6 S.Rajesh Kumar M.A., M.Ed.,NET.,SET 6 years
      7 K.Krishnaiah M.A, SET 1 year
      8 A.Chandrashekar M.A 16 years
      9 M.Sanjeevam M.A 10 years
      10 V.Soniya M.A 2 years
      11 J.Nikhilender Reddy M.A 2 years

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