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      The Department of Commerce was established in this college with B.Com. E/M. Ist  year in the year 1956-57 under Private Management with 5 Staff Members, and with strength of 30 students in the class. In the year 1995 B.Com Vocational Course i.e. Tax Procedure & Practice was introduced with intention to provide self – employment as Tax Practitioner. In the year 1998 B.Com Computer Application was introduced in English medium keeping in with pace of changes in Technology especially use of computers in accounting. The B.Com Insurance course was introduced during 2008 keeping the development in Insurance sector but due to low demand later on, started B.Com Computer Application in Telugu medium replacing of B.Com Insurance course. B.Com Computer Applications E/M intake increased to 120, B.Com Telugu Medium intake increased to 60. From the academic year 2019-20,  All B.Com courses are merged and named as only single group B.Com Computer Applications E/M with an intake of 420, started BBA course with an intake of 60. From this academic year i.e 2021-22 B.Com Computer Applications intake reduced to 360 and new course B.Com Analytics started with an intake of 60. The department consist of 1 incharge with 13 teachig staff members.

      Sl Name of the Employee Qualification Experience
      1 Dr.V. Bikshapathi M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D, MBA.,LLB, NET, SET, PGDCA. 11 years
      2 Dr.K.Laxmi Narsaiah M.Com., M.Phil., M.Ed.,SET.,Ph.D. 8 years
      3 Dr.A.Sathish Kumar M.Com, MBA, NET, NCMP, Ph.D. 7 years
      4 A.Prasad M.Com, NET, SET 7 years
      5 A.Narayana M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil.,SET 2 years
      6 V.Chandra Mouli M.Com., NET.,(Ph.D) 2  years
      7 Dr. M.Malla Reddy M.Com, M.Phil,NET,SET, Ph.D. 8 years
      8 M.Shireesha M.Com SET 7 years
      9 B.Narmada M.Com, MBA ---
      10 B.Raju M.Com,B.Ed, M.B.A, SET 9 years
      11 A.Mallesham M.Com, SET 5 years
      12 K.Ramulu M.Com 10 years
      13 Ch.Ramulu M.Com 5 years
      14 Ch.Poorna Chander Raju M.Com, MBA,NET 10 years

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