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    • Botany

      The Department of Botany started functioning since the inception of the college in the year 1956 under the private management. After the college had been taken over by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1958, the Department has come into the Govt. fold. The department started with only one English medium section initially comprising 25 students. Later on the strength was increased to 30.  At present Department offering courses B.Sc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) T/M & E/M, and restructured courses B.Sc. (Bio Technology,Botany, Chemistry) E/M, B.Sc (Industrial Micro Biology, Botany, Chemistry), B.Sc (Botany, Zoology, Computer Applications)

      Staff for the academic year 2018-19

      Sl Name of the Employee Qualification Experience
      1 Dr.T.Shankar M.Sc, M.Ed, Ph.D 8 years
      2 Dr A Sreenivas M.Sc., M.Ed.,Ph.D 8 years
      3 Dr.P.Balaraju M.Sc, B.Ed.,M.Phil, Ph.D., SET 6 years

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