• Commerce
    • The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1974. The courses offered in B.Com stream are Computer Applications, Business Analytics and Taxation. BBA course was introduced last year. The Permanent Lecturers in the Department are four in number. Our primary objective is to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in contemporary, national and global level through effective transaction of the curricular and co-curricular aspects.



      Mr. G.Anil of B.Com Computers 2016-19 is pursuing MS International Finance at Paris School of Business, Paris. P.Venkat of B.Com Computers of 2016-19 Batch has got admission in M.Sc. Business with International Management with Advance Practice at Northumbria University, New Castle U.K. Students are pursuing Post Graduation and some of the students are working in reputed firms.

      Success Stories of B.Com Students who secured Post Graduation Admissions in National, State Universities:

      Ms.L.Sruthi of 2016-19 Batch B.Com Student had secured admission in English and Foreign Language University Hyderabad in M.A.Hindi course. The duration of the Course is from 01.08.2019 to 30.04.2021.

      Success Stories of B.Com Students who secured admissions in M.B.A. and M.Com in State Universities. J.Sushhel Raju, G.Saikumar, M.Veena, Ch.Raviteja, Omer Baswad, Mohd.Abdul Mehtab, Mohd.Sajid, G.Jayakumari, Mohd.Abdul Ashad, S.Shiva, M.Mounika, T.Shivani Singh, A.Navanitha are pursuing M.B.A. in the PG Colleges Affiliated to Osmania University. chi.A.Nandini is pursuing M.Com from Badruka College Hyderabad.



      Extension Work of Members of Faculty of Commerce:

      Board of Studies Members:

      Dr.K.Suryanarayana (City Government Degree College Nayapul Hyderabad & Government Degree College for Women Begumpet)

      Dr.H.Srinivas Rao (City Government Degree College Nayapul Hyderabad & Government Degree College for Women Begumpet, AMS Degree College)

      Dr.Ch.Rajeswer (City Government Degree College Nayapul Hyderabad & Government Degree College for Women Begumpet, AMS Degree College)

      Dr.K.Suryanarayana (Paper Setter for Osmania University) Dr.H.Srinivas Rao (Paper Setter for Osmania University)

      Dr.K.Kiran Kumar (Author of Several Books on Computers & GST)

      Sri P.Giridhar (Encourages students of Economically Poor Background in sports such as Boxing and provides training by coaches to the needy students at Lal Bahadur Indoor Stadium).

      Sir is the Member in Lions Club and Rotary Club and actively involves himself in various events organised by the clubs.



        Student Projects:
      S.No Project Title Students Names and Roll No. Supervisor
      1 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) Effective Method of Corporate Restructuring Mohd.Azeemuddin 107016405027


      Mohd.Abdul Ghafoor 107016405029

      Mohd.Hadi Ahmed 107016405030

      2 Banking System in India Sai Prakash Singh 107016405054


      V.Divya Sri 107016405055

      Dr.K.Kiran Kumar Smt.D.Saritha
      3 World Economic Crisis J.Shilpa 107016402069




      4 Insurance Business in India M.Mounika 107016402024


      M.Nagarani 107016402025

      Dr.H.Srinivas Rao
      5 Financial Statement Analysis C.Sai Kumar 107016401005 Sri P.Giridhar


          K.Padma Sri 107016401014


      S.A.Qadri 107016401026



      6 Non Performing Assets of Banks G.Venkatesh 107016405005


      G.Sai Kumar 107016405014

      K.Rahul 107016405018

      Dr.K.Kiran Kumar
      7 Housing Finance A.Kavitha 107016405001


      A.Nandini 107016405002

      A.Navanitha 107016405003

      8 Personal Loans for


      Self Employment with no Proof of Income in India

      G.Anil Goud



      K.Nagraj Goud 107016402022

      Mohd.Sami 107016401031

      9 Responsibility Accounting M.Narasimha 107016402033


      T.Shivani 107016402054

      T.Sai Venkat


      Sri P.Giridhar


      Student progression:

      Sl.No Name of the Student Roll Number Mobile Number Course Pursuing after Graduation (Please Provide Course Name) If Working Please Provide Designation and Name of the Organisatio n (Type ‘No’


      if not)

      Please Specify Your Future/Career Goals
      1 J. Susheel Raju 107016405017 8801075513 MBA Digital Interaction Executive News Reporter
      2 Thevarkere Mallika 107016402055 7386314284 Preparing for   Competitive


      Examinatio ns

      No Job


      3 Golla Saikumar 107016405014 7995893738 MBA No To work in MNC company
      4 A Nandini 107016405002 8179520307 M.Com No Banking Sector
      5 Anil Goud GIRI 107016402014 8897160590 M.Sc.


      Internationa l Finance at

      Paris School of Business.

      No Entrepreneur
      6 Kummari Raju 107016405020 7842381433 No Executive at Paytm Stenographer
      7 Myadam veena 107016402034 8897619011 MBA No My goal is to work in a good Company
      8 Mamidala Nagarani 1436128997 8790421423 Preparing for   Competitive


      Examinatio ns

      Teacher in Oxford high school Bank or any other which suits to my


      academic qualification

      9 Avula Anil Kumar 107016405005 9989818589 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No IAS
      10 Ch.Raviteja 107016405008 9542607440 MBA No Entrepreneur
      11 Anne Ramesh 107016405004 9949094256 Computer Coaching is being taken No Any job
      12 Omer Baswaid 107016402038 9700079188 MBA No Entrepreneur, Manager
      13 Garailu Venkatesh 107016405013 7702817783 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No To Establish own Business


      14 Pendyala Harish 107016405038 7702761436 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      RBL Bank in credit card section at



      15 K.Yashwanth Kumar 107016405056 8688020164 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio ns Trainee process consultant at Hinduja global



      To become a police official
      16 Gundeboiena kiran 107016402017 7993583071 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio





      (private sector meter reader)

      Just I wanted do the work whatever I satisfied with
      17 Mohd Abdul Mehtab 107016402030 8686236094 MBA Accounts executive officer in D



      Manager of reputed organization
      18 Lingampally sruthi 107016405057 7095130084 MA (Hindi) No Lecturer
      19 Saikiran penivelli 107016402041 9040452509 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      Consultant In     EUROAUR A



      20 ERAMAINA NARESH 107016402011 8332042155 COMPUTE R      COURSES


      Coaching is

      being taken

      21 Mohammed Azeem uddin 107016405027 9121903707 Diploma in Computer Application s is being taken Station support associate (Nikko logistics) Goal is to be on the respectable position in my organisation as



      22 MOHD SAJID 107016405032 8143673762 MBA Computer operator in private



      To Establish own Business
      23 Sumera fatima 107016402049 8886283695 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No I want to study MBA n


      planning for teaching


      24 Guguloth Tharun 107016402016 9063568150 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      Yes Police
      25 Mohammed sayeed uddin 107016402032 8977399487 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No My goal is to become a good entrepreneur
      26 Paramesh putti 107016402043 7981110307 Preparing for Competitive Examinatio



      No Film Director
      27 Abhilash 107016402040 8179850446 Preparing for   Competitive


      Examinatio ns

      Visual editor in tv channel Visual artist
      28 MD SAMEER 107016401018 8686469669 DCA,DTP, SPOKEN ENGLISH, AUTO CAD, CIVIL



      ARIF MONEY TRANSFE R To Establish own Business
      29 G.Jayakumari 107016405015 9490587150 MBA No Accountant
      30 Mohd abdul ashad 29 8885809396 MBA ——- To Establish own Business
      31 MOHD ABDUL GHAFOOR 107016405029 8801386124 B.COM COMPUTE R      APPLICAT



      No Government service
      32 Rameshwaram Pavan Kalyan 107016405041 8885276243 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio ns Executive Analist at Glossary Soft tech pvt ltd Start a jewelry showroom for my personal satisfaction… Complete my Post  graduation and settled on abroad was my


      career passion.


      33 Singam shiva 107016402048 6305001132 MCA No Government Service
      34 P ANJANEYULU 107016405037 9959752424 No Army
      35 Bapanpally nishitha 107016402073 9063324554 Preparing for Competitive Examinatio



      No Government Service
      36 Mohammad Hadi Ahmed 107016405030 8008461705 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      Auditor & Associate (Precis Accubiz) . B.A , LAWYER


      (business), And  C. A,  M


      37 Maddi mounika 107016402024 8978803844 MBA Peram group Police department (or) HR
      38 SHAIK NASER 107016402046 9063060013 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No Accountant.
      39 Nune Bunty 106017402037 9704800141 Preparing for   Competitive


      Examinatio ns

      Dental clinic (Assistant to Doctor) Business
      40 Mohammed Abdul Akram 107016405026 8328299170 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio





      IN HGS

      Business Man
      41 P Mahesh 107016401022 9963891251 Preparing for   Competitive Examinatio



      No sub inspector
      42 Thakur Shivani Singh 107016402054 7036726208 MBA Telecalling Officer at Hdb financial





      43 A.Navanitha 107016405003 9393329119 MBA No To be a bank manager
      1. Details of infrastructural facilities:
        1. Internet facilities for staff and students: Such facilities are provided
        2. Class rooms with ICT facility: Available
        3. Laboratories:


      1. Number of students receiving Financial Assistance:

      Students belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes categories and minorities receive Government Stipend, whose data is maintained centrally.


      1. Student enrichment programmes (special lectures/ workshops/seminars) with external experts: Conducted every year


      1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning: The department of Commerce uses traditional method of black-board with chalk duster and group discussions along with audio visual aids and ICT.
      2. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities: Commerce Students are encouraged to take part in various NSS activities, like plantation of trees, cleanliness drives and awareness campaigns.

      My hope of the future lies in the youths of character, intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient – good to themselves and the country at large


      – Swami Vivekananda

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