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      The Dept. of Chemistry was established in 1974 along with the courses in science such as Botany, Zoology and Chemistry (BZC)  & Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry (MPC) combination and now eight  groups with Chemistry combination are available. And department is strengthened with a well established Chemistry laboratory with required chemicals, apparatus and Instruments so as to fulfill the dire needs of students.

      Objectives of the Department:

      The Department has been taking keen interest for the development of the Student in all the possible aspects by formulating the following objectives:

      1. To mould and develop the students according to the needs of the society.
      2. To strengthen their basics in the subject from the day they joined the institution.
      3. To ascertain the development of all the skills like listening, speaking, writing, aptitude, aesthetic etc.
      4. To incorporate the essentials and basic elemental chemistry by taking seminar, guest lectures and remedial classes.
      5. To help the weak students to overcome the barriers of illiteracy and inferiority complex and to be able to compete with surroundings.
      6. To help out the students to acquire practical knowledge in qualitative, quantitative analysis and Instrumentation in chemistry practicals.
      7. To acquaint the students with impacts and uses of drugs and organic compounds.
      8. To make the students to understand the chemistry involved in their day today life.
      9. To acquaint the students with current knowledge of the subject.
      10. Encouraging the students to participate in various activities to ensure their overall development.
      11. To develop the students up  to the needs of Pharmaceutical industries.

      Extension/Guest lectures/Webinars Organized:

      Two Guest Lectures  conducted on  08/11/2019

      1.TOPIC: Chromatography Techniques BY Dr.Saritha Rani, Asst.Prof, Government Degree college for woman,Begumpet, hyderabad

      2. TOPIC: UV-Visible Spectroscopy BY Dr.G.Pranitha, Asst.Prof, Government Degree college for woman,Begumpet, Hyderabad.

      WEBINAR  conducted   on 15/5/2020 .Guest speaker : M. Anil Kumar, Assistant professor, Vivekananda Degree college


      Field Trips:

      Students  Field Trip to ICRISAT, Patancheru & Coco-Cola Company  on  22/08/2019

      student Achievements:

      1.B.Srilatha,BZC Final year student achieved  3rd prize in PPT presentation in Science day celebrations at GDC, Khairathabad on 04/3/2020.

      Chemistry Rangoli competition has been conducted by Chemistry Department.

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