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    • About Department of Botany

      • The Department of Botany was established in the year 1974, with English and Telugu as Medium of instruction.
      • Degree course with Botany with other combination Applied Nutrition, Biotechnology and microbiology subjects was introduced in2019-20
      • It is one of the leading Departments dedicated in the field of teaching and research in plant sciences. The aim has always been to focus on the human dimension.
      • The department consists of 3 faculty and supported by 1 technical staff as lab assistant, gardener and herbarium keeper .
      • The Department offers undergraduate programme in Botany with Ecology and biodiversity,Horticulture ,seed technology, Tissue culture and biotechnology as elective.
      • The Department offers SEC and GE courses like Mushroom Cultivation ,Vermicomposting Bio-Fertilizers and Economic Botany.
      • The Department has involved in various thrust areas of research viz. Plant systematics, Phytochemistry, Seed Physiology, Environmental Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.
      • As the glorious years roll in to the history of the department, it has developed by leaps and bounds contributing significantly to the development of the college and the society.

      Objectives of the Department:

      • To develop the department as a Premier Centre of Teaching and Research in Plant Science
      • To discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences.
      • To expand academic co-operation by offering new courses and upgrading programmes to a wider spectrum of students
      • To produce entrepreneurs for prosperous ventures in the selected fields of their advancements with global perspectives
      • To encourage students to take up higher studies in plant science as their career. To provide ample opportunities for students to get themselves exposed with the current advancements in the field of plant science.
      • To devise strategies for the sustainable utilization and conservation of phytodiversity.



      The department has a very good and serine atmosphere for study and research. The aim has always been to focus on the human dimension. The department brings us together with exceptionally supportive faculty members, students and alumni. The faculty aims to inculcate in the students a culture characterized by integrity, mutual respect, enthusiasm and hard work. the department organizes lots of teaching and co-curricular activities for the overall development of the students round the year.


      The department has well equipped,. The major equipments available in the department for are Calorimeter, Centrifuges, chromatography chamber, Incubator, LCD, UV Transilluminator, Microscopes, Research Microscope with camera, Multi media facility, and other necessary laboratory equipment.



      Major Accomplishments


      An innovative programme of the department in which former students of the department pursuing PhD or PDF in India and abroad, with various scholarships, are invited to the department to interact with the students and the students are encouraged to make contacts with the scholars


      It is a voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning about, and improving the environment.


      Haritha Haram,

      • Plant Distribution Programme
      • Awareness lecture on” Development without destruction” By Dr, N, Ravi Babu
      • A rally was conducted on 25-08-2018

      Eco-Club Activities

      • “Save Earth” ,” Plastic Free Campus” Elocution and Essay writing  on November 2nd 2018
      • “Best out of Waste Programme” on January 29th 2019
      • Reuse of Plastic Bottles and E-waste for growing plants. Say no to Plastic and make Plastic free campus programme was conducted on February 12th
      • One day training on “Organic Composting by Aruna sheaker Director, Sun Green Organics.hyderabad on15-2-2019
      • Rangoli competition on Save environment and Biodiversity
      • How to combat Climate Change”  Elocution and Essay writing  Sept 13th  2019
      • “ Training on Rain Water Harvesting” By GHMC on Jan 23rd  -2020




      Every year the students are taken  to Botanical tour for plant collection and Preparation of the Herbarium and Horticulture show to get first hand experience with nature‘s Biodiversity

      SNo. Name of the Organization Date of Visit Group Purpose of the field visit
      1 Field Trip to Forest Research Institute,Dullapally



      05.11.2018 I,II and III B.Sc BZC Students The major objective is to familiarize the students with the flora and ecology of the region. Also to acquaint them with the importance of wetlands and the threats to these ecosystems face due to natural and anthropogenic pressures
      2. Field Trip to Grape Research Station ,        RajendraNagar 02-03-2019 III B.Sc BZC T/M & E/M Students To make the student learn different types of hybrids(60 Varieties) in grapes and mineral nutrition required for grapes growth and how to use organic fertilizers.
      3 Horticulture Show Visit at Peoples Plaza 26-08-2018 B.Sc BZC III yr T/M & E/M Students To show the students to show different Phytodiversity
      4 All India Horticulture Show Visit at Peoples Plaza 19-08-2019 B.Sc BZC III yr T/M & E/M  and Iyr Life science Students To show the students to show different Phytodiversity
      5. Field Trip to Grape Research Station ,        RajendraNagar 19-02-2020 III B.Sc BZC T/M & E/M Students To make the student learn different types of hybrids(60 Varieties) in grapes and mineral nutrition required for grapes growth and how to use organic fertilizers.




      The Department Faculty have 20 Publications in various reputed international journals with good impact factor and SCOPUS.


      Student participation in the events outside the college:


      SNo. Event Recognition Title Students/Supervisor
      1 JIGNASA 2019 Student study project 2st Prize in Botany Subject “Identification of Anti-bacterial Activity of Zingiber officinale on Pathogenic Bacteria”






      B.Prem Kumar,

      B. Nikitha

      B.Shiva Krishna,

      K. Prashanth Reddy

      Md. Majidunnisa Begum

      S. Devender

      ( B.Sc.-BZC IIIyr E/M)



      Dr. N. Ravi Babu

      Lt. E. M. Sunitha



      The Eco-club was initiated by the department with the sole aim of spreading the Environmental awareness to the students and make them responsible citizens of the country.


      Practicals are taught using Virtual lab online for certain topics Like PCR, Bacteria cell, Mitosis ,Gel Electrophoresis etc which give students better understanding


      The students cultivate Azolla a bio-fertilizer ,which has become important components of integrated nutrient management, as they are cost effective and renewable source of plant nutrients to supplement the chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture

      The students get in preparing Organic Compost by  using Sanitreat and Bioculum which makes the compost very fast , in a odur less process, this technique also brings students environment awareness  waste management and also self employment oppurunities

      The students cultivate Mushrooms as part of their practicals  using different types of  bedding  materials like paddy straw, coco peat, corn peat etc.




      ·         Mushroom Cultivation for Skill development and Entrepreneurship


      ·         Karyotyping for better understanding of the chromosomes and its mutations

      • Preparation of Taxonomy and Medicinal Plants Manuscript albums




      Extension activities is  to train the local peoples to cultivate the mushrooms, Vermicomposting, Organic garden composting and Panchagavya  for self-employment.


      Title of the Activities Organising unit/ agency/ collaborating agency Number of teachers co-ordinated such activities Number of students participated in such activities
      Panchagavya Preparation 22/9/2018


      at neighborhood of saidabad colony, Hyderabad

      2 10
      Nutritional Status  study of pre – school children by  Anthropometric measurements method Anganwadi centre- Musheerabad on Aug 3rd week 3 20
      Awareness Programme ( Obesity and Anaemia) September 29th to  October 2nd  2018 At Bhaglingampally, Slum ,Hyderabad 2 20
      Online live video Preparation of JEEVA AMRUTHAM To the  house wives and others on  April 17th  2020



      1 10



      Workshops / Trainings Organized

      1. One Day Workshop- cum – Training on “Mushroom Cultivation –A scope for skill and Entrepreneurship development” to the B.Sc   I yr and  IIIyr (BZC TM & EM). On 04.2019.
      2. One Day Worshop on “Bonsai and Horticulture Techniques” on 04.05.2019.
      3. One day workshop cum training on “Eco friendly Ganesha- training, awareness and an self-employability programme”. Was conducted in collaboration with Rotary Club Greater Hyderabad on 28 Aug,2019.
      4. September – National Nutrition Month


      Theme 2019 – #POSHAN MAAH Sept 2019 updates

      1. Theme : *Har ghar poshan vyavahar*
      2. *Panch Sutra for Maah*

      In connection with the above celebrations

      On September 26th ,2019  a lecture was conducted in  the college for the I yr  B.Sc life Science students. Two guest speakers were invited to enlighten the students about this year’s theme

      Ms. Jayasheela Ruth, Consultant Dietitian at Ankura Hospital

      Miss.Pratyusha vannadi, Dietitian at kameneni group of hospitals,  LB Nagar.


      Certificate Course Offered;

      1. Gardening from 2014-15 to 2017-18.
      2. Mushroom Cultivation Technology: 2018-19,2019-20
      3. Millets in Your Meal : 2019-20
      4. Canning and Food Preservation :2019-20
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