• Computer Science
    •  Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems.

      Principal areas of study within Computer Science include Artificial intelligence,
      computer systems and networks, security, database systems and etc.
      Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program will be
      actively contributing individually and in teams.
      They applying expertise to face the challenges and solve problems, effectively
      communicating, and building on their knowledge to grow in their careers.
      As per the need and importance of computer science in the global scenario , the traditional course was subsequently converted into Restructured course

      Ø  The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2002 with B. Sc (MSCS) in the year 2002  and   B.Com (Computers ) was added in the year 2011.


      Ø  B. Sc (MPCs) was Introduced in the year 2018.


      Ø  BBA was Introduced in the year 2018.


      Ø  BA(Computer Application) was introduced in the year 2018.


      Ø  B. Sc(BZCA) was Introduced in the year 2018.


                  Ø  B. Sc(Data Science) Was   Introduced in the year 2020.             

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