• Physics
    • 1.Department of Physics established in the academic year 2018-19 with new
         courses MPC and MPCS

      2. Physics lab was established with help of Alumni Association of the college

      3. About 120 Students in MPCs and 32 students in MPC joined for the Physics
          course in the academic year 2018-19

      4. Now nearly 450 students are pursuing Physics as one optional in the college

      5. About 5 lakh rupees worth new equipment was purchased for the
          Department of Physics from Accumulated Special fee fund.


      1. To inculcate the scientific tempo in
          the students.

      2. To give the hands on experience
           with the science equipment.

      3. To get the practical knowledge by
          doing the experiments.

      4. To create the scientific atmosphere
          among the students.

      5.To motivate the students to take up
          scientific research.


      Course Combinations









      1.Dr. J. Chinna Babu, M.Sc, Ph.D.,
                                          SET, B.Ed

      2. Ms. B. Vijayanirmala. M.Sc., B.Ed


      1. Established the physics lab in the
         year 2018.

      2. Conducts the extension lectures
          /field visits in every semester

      3. Organises the students seminars

      4. Students won the II prize in the
          Quiz  at University Level organised
          by Osmania University.

      5. Some Students got the  “O”  grade
          in Physics in University Exams.

      6. Conducts webinars on various
          topics by eminent faculty from

      Best Practice

      1.Conducts Science talent test (Quiz
         test) every year in view of Science
         day celebrations.

      2. Conducts Certificate Courses in












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