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                     In the words of Gandhi “English is a language of International Commerce; it is a language of diplomacy and it contains many a rich literary treasure”. It gives us an impression that English has occupied an important place in Indian Education.

      The objective of teaching English at UG level is to help the students perform a variety of functions including drawing out the innate creative abilities of the students. Every learner is born with an in-built language learning mechanism. This mechanism gets activated when the learner is exposed to that language. Hence it is essential to create an atmosphere where learning takes place. At the college level English continues to be’ the language of opportunity and the language of upward social mobility’.

      It is also important to provide special opportunities to the students to help them acquire adequate competence in English so that they do not remain forever disadvantaged in areas of higher education and in terms of upward social mobility.

      The Department of English at Government Degree College Kukatpally was established in the year 2008. Since then the department is instrumental in helping the students acquire their potential in securing an Undergraduate Degree. At present, the department is catering to the needs of 1056 students of I and II year students of various combinations belonging to B. A, B. Com and B.Sc.

      Faculty – English Department is fully functional with four teaching faculty. Each lecturer has put in several years of service at different levels and in discharging various responsibilities to the best of abilities.






      R.Shobha Rani

      M.A, MEd, SET

      20 years







      M.A, B.Ed, SET

      20 years



      M.A,B.Ed., SET



      Achievements- Winners of State Level Jignasa competition with the project titled “Appy Hours”

      Best Practices-

      1. Group Assignments and projects are a regular feature.
      2. Seminars by students on selected topics
      3. Soft copies of text books and materials are provided through What’s App to help the students cope with Covid times.
      4. Project presentations using Power point Presentations made as an outcome of group work.

      Future Plans-

      1. To establish Literary club to help tap the innate potential of the students.
      2. To conduct a Literary or media event on every third Saturday to develop the ability to express among the students.
      3. Mock interviews and JAM sessions to the final year students.
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