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      Head of the Department
      Dr.N.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
      MSc, GATE, CSIR-NET,Ph.D
            Assistant Professor of Mathematics
      To achieve academic excellence by imparting in-depth knowledge to the students through effective pedagogies and hands on experience on latest tools. 
      To impart quality education to the students and to groom them to be technologist, professionals and dedicated citizens.
      Departmental operations
      Ensure that our department and programs operate smoothly and efficiently, with an emphasis on aligning our operations and activities with proactive planning to achieve our goals.
      To introduce the youth to the revolutionary technological changes by laying a very strong foundation.
      By restoring the talents and maximizing the knowledge and upgrading the overall personality forming a unique icon in this highly competitive world.
      To provide greater opportunities in career and help them to face the challenges of the modern age.  In short to begin the journey of thousands sites with a single click.
      Best practices
      Extensive usage of Google Classrooms, forms, PowerPoint presentations, Lecture notes and links to online exams. Google classrooms are helping as flipped classrooms as study material is posted ahead of time and students prepare for class well in advance.
      Practical manuals /e-manuals are made available to the students in accordance with the revised syllabus.
       Online QUIZ competition in which students participated using their cell phones.
      A highly motivated team of well qualified and subject specialized academic staff. 
      Well-equipped, spacious, classroom and laboratories. 
      To inculcate Research temper among students. 
      To enhance employability of students. 
      To improve the writing and communication Skill of the student.
       Future plan 
      To organize programmes like State/ National level seminars and workshops, talks and guest lectures by eminent personalities in the areas of Information Technology. 
      To avail placement services to the  students.
      Faculty profile with name, qualification, specialization and Experience.
      2 YEARS
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