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    • Department of Botany:

       The Department of Botany was established in the year 2008  right from the inception of the college with single BZC group with Telugu as medium of instruction. This course has been instrumental in developing scientific temper among the students and comprehends the significance of Fundamental science in day-to-day life. As years rolled on new courses with Botany as core subject were introduced namely Biotechnology, Microbiology and Computer applications.
      Vision and Mission:
           * To develop the Department as a premier centre of teaching and research in the life sciences 
           * To develop Scientific temper that will provide leadership for the nation, advance   knowledge
               through research and apply new knowledge for improving the quality of life.
            * To discover, maintain and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant science and provide                           
              leadership in the Biological sciences
            *  To produce Entrepreneurs for prosperous ventures in the selected field of their                   
               advancements with global perspectives.
      Courses offered with Botany Combinations:
      1) B.Sc. (BZC) Botany, Zoology, Chemistry 
      2) B.Sc. (BtBC) Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry
      3) B.Sc. (MBC) Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry 
      4) B.Sc. (BZCA) Botany, Zoology, Computer Applications 
      5) B.Sc. (BBtZ) Botany, Biotechnology, Zoology 
      Students strength particulars during Academic year 2020-21
      a) 1st yr Botany (all Combinations) - 42
      b) 2nd yr Botany (all Combinations) - 61
      c) 3rd yr Botany (all Combinations) - 62
      Teaching staff particulars : 
             At the time of the establishment of Department of Botany in this college, Contract Faculty used to engaged the classes but, in the year 2011,  Mrs. Lalitha, Lecturer in Botany was appointed as a regular teaching faculty. In the year 2018, after her transfer, three faculty members came on  transfer to this College, namely 1) Sri. P. SureshBabu, Asst. Professor of Botany, 2) Smt. G. Hemalatha , Associate Professor of Botany, 3) Dr. Uppu Anitha Devi, Asst. Professor of Botany. 
      Details of Present Staff members :
      1). P. Suresh Babu         Asst. Professor of Botany.    17 yrs Experience
      Eco Club:
      It is a voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning about, and improving their environment.
          1) Create awareness and sensitivity among individuals and Social groups about their environment.
          2) Teach the skills to help individuals and Social groups to identify and solve environment problems.
          3) Build attitude to help individuals and Social groups to acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the environment and to motivate them for actively participating in environment-concerned problems.

      Telangana Ku Haritha Haram (TKHH):
            This is a prestigious programme that has been taken up by Government of Telangana to increase the green cover in all parts of Telangana, especially Arid, Semi-arid and waste land. TKHH envisages to increase the present 24% of tree cover land in the state to 33% of the total geographical area of the state.
            College level TKHH Committee is constituted with the help of the Department of Botany under the chairmanship of our beloved Principal Dr. N.Alivelu Mangamma to monitor the progression and maintenance of Telangana ku Haritha Haram (TKHH)
           College level TKHH Committee plants saplings in our college premises periodically in rainy season with help of other faculty members, life sciences students and NSS volunteers. The plants’ botanical names and other data are recorded, plants are geotagged and their images are preserved for future reference.
      Best practices:
        1) Guidance for entrance exams like CPGET, Central universities, B.Ed and other Botany related competitive examinations including FRO, Forest beat officers etc.
        2) Eco-friendly Ganesh-idol making and encouraging others too to make Eco friendly Ganesh idols.
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