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    • History of the Department

      The Department of Physics, Government Degree College has been established in the year 2008 which is affiliated to Osmania University. The Department is well equipped with excellent infrastructure, adequate labs and latest books in the field of Physics. The primary aim of the department is to provide high quality learning in physics, grooming bright undergraduates who will push frontiers of knowledge in physics and its related disciplines through scholarly activities.

      The department has highly qualified teaching faculty and with high academic qualifications. The teaching faculty continue guiding the students in achieving academic excellence and improvement of overall personality. Over the years, the students of Physics Department have been offered high quality education, with special personal care being extended to the students hailing from socially and economically weaker sections of the society.

      The department has been conducting student seminars, workshops, Quiz programmes and co-curricular activities regularly under physics club which is run by the students. Extension and Guest Lectures also provided to students for sharing of knowledge. 



      Name of the Faculty


      Area of Specialization


      Dr. M. Kondaiah

      M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D

      Glass Science,


      Condensed Matter Physics


      Dr. N. Vijaya Lakshmi

      M.Sc., Ph.D

      Liquid Crystals,



      Courses Offered:

      1. B.Sc., MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

      2. B.Sc., MPCS (Maths, Physics, Computer Science)

      3. B.Sc., MPS (Maths, Physics, Statistics)

      Department Activites

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