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        The Department of Commerce at Government Degree College, Falaknuma, Hyderabad has chartered its journey in the year 2017 The department offered B. Com General, Computers and Computer Applications for the first Two years in Urdu, Telugu and English media, but confined itself to B. Com Computer Applications in English medium with effect from the academic year 2019 to meet the ever growing demand of Commerce papers integrated with the computer applications. The Department of Commerce presently envelops more than six hundred students hailed with different socio economic conditions and replicates huge regional diversity.  

        The Faculty

        The Department of Commerce has got Six core subject teachers with hands on experience dealing with Commerce papers along with three other teachers to teach Computer Science, Telugu, Hindi and English. Thus, Department of Commerce has been consistently maintaining the healthy student teacher ratio of 55:1 throughout the coursework of B. Com.

        Competencies of Core Teachers at a Glance

        The average work experience of Commerce teachers at the Government Degree College, Falaknuma, Hyderabad is twenty years with expertise in UG and PG papers strewn into Accountancy, Law, Finance, Marketing , Banking and Computers. The following table provides a bird eye view on the core competencies of the teachers of Commerce Department.





        Experience in years

        Areas of Interest


        Mr. K. Prabhu Sahai

        M. Com, NET, SET

        22 years

        Managerial Accounting & Cost Accounting


        Mr. Abdullah Azher

        M. Com, MBA,

        08 years

        Taxation and Financial Accounting


        Mrs. Ameer Unnisa Begum

        M. Phil.

        06 years

         Company Law and Commerce Lab


        Mrs. Pallavi

        M. Com, SET.

        08 years

        Business Law and Theory and Practise of GST 

        5 Mr. Mohd Waseem M. B. A. M. Com    06 Years Statistics and Busienss Law
        6 Mrs. Renuka Battu M. Com (Ph. D.)  06 Years  Financial Institution and Markets and Regultions of Insurance Business



        Best Practices of the Department

        The Department of Commerce has got innumerable best practices to its credit of which, “Commerce Week” and “ Explore”  deserves special emphasis. The “ Commerce Week is one best practice under which the department conducts various co curricular and extracurricular activities in the first week of November and encourages the non Commerce students also to participate to hone their skills in Commerce. An another best practice “ Explore” encourages the students to scrupulously study the publications of faculty and write their opinion on the tenets they understood from such publication. It helps the students to proactively involve in the research activities along with the teachers. The Department of Commerce has also fostered “ Discourse” an another best practices under which the students are motivated to participate in group discussion. The uniqueness of the practice is that, the students are given liberty to decide the topic of discourse.

        Achievements of the Department

        The two students of B. Com final year got the University Ranks.

        Future Plans

        • Offering certificate courses in stock markets and EDPs.
        • Launching BBM and B.Com General
        • Conducting interstate workshops and national seminars to create strong interface between the students and industry.
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