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      • History of the Department

        The Department of Political Science is established in the year 2017, and started offering Oliical Science to Various combinations of BA.Initially, it had only a nominal sanctioned strength of 60 students but evinced itself in the due course of time and strewn its tentacles among 120 students.. In the academic year 2018-19 increase BA sanction strength from 60 to 120 in English Medium with the combination of Political Science, History, Economics, Public Administrationand other Subjects in CBCS System. Some of the eminent personalities like Dr. S. Sharwani, Sri Shaik Osman pasha,   worked in the department. The department proud enough to say that Dr.P.VenkatRamanahas secured the best teacher Award from the State Govt. of Telangana.

        At Present Sri K.Kishtaiah faculty member   is the in-charge of the department.


        The department has been performing exceedingly well with following main objectives.

        1. To provide quality and value based Education to the under graduate students in Political Science
        2. To facilitate a common based for collective activities for the benefit of the students and to understand the strategies of the politics.
        3. To enhance the innovative skills and creativity in students in politics.
        4. To sensitize the students on socio-economic cultural and political awareness and environment issues in the society
        5. To enlighten the students on youth leadership and self-employment opportunities

        For the promotion of quality education the department has been planning multidimensional and progressive themes. The department has added additional curricular to the curriculum prescribed by the University. For instance the elective helps to introduce flexibility in curriculum. Teaching aids like paper clippings and educational channel MANA TV Programshelp students to increase the knowledge of the subject.

        The department has been undertaking extra-curricular activities like Quiz competition. class room   seminars, group discussions, field visits, etc., which will help the students in developing self-confidence.



        SI No

        Name of the faculty





        Paper handlings









        M.A.,UGC-NET,AP SET and perusing (PhD)


















        In- charge of the Department



        1. Understanding Political Theory-Semester-I
        2. Western Political Thought-Semester-II



        1. Indian Political Thought-Semester-III
        2. Constitution and Politics of India-Semester- IV


        1. Political Thought-Ancient & Medieval Political Thought-Semester- V,
        2. International Relations-International Relations in 19th& 20th  Century-Semester-VI
        3. Political Thought-Western & Indian Political Thought-Semester –VII
        4. International Relation- International Relations in 19th& 20th  Century-Semester-VIII


        Skill Enhancement  Course


        Citizenship Rights, Duties and Laws- Paper-III for

        BA –Final Year


        Legislative Practices and Procedures-Paper –IV for

         BA Final Year








        The department of Political Science has conducts class room seminars, Group Discussion, Quiz Competition every year to all years of the students. The department meeting is conducted regularly to review the curriculum.

        The Head of the department attends the department annual meetings conducted by the Department of Political Science, Osmania University Hyderabad and discuss as on strengthening the syllabus of B.A political Science.


        The Department strictly adheres to academic schedule of the Osmania University, Hyderabad. Besides the completion of the syllabus, the faculty tries to enlighten the students about recent trends and developments in the subject. The department maintains academic records such as attendance registers of the students, teaching diary, teaching schedule of the syllabus. The department prepares an annual Academic Plan with class room seminars and assignments.


        The department is arranges tour to assembly sessions visit to improve their political awareness. It has been conducting inter class seminar on selected topics to strengthen the quality and to enlarge the horizon of the prescribed syllabus. For instance the department has been conducting group discussion and Quiz competitions with an objective spirit among the students.

        The students are also exposed to the take casting of the lessons in the MANA TV on educational channel run by the State Government of Telangana.The department also added co-curricular activities in its syllabus by arranging Extension lectures. The department has been arranging Model Assembly and Mock Election for the students.




        • The department has been   participated in the Voter Enrolment programs in the college.


        • Our students involve in Swatch Barth and Swatch Telangana and Harita Haram, AIDS awareness programs, health camps and cultural programs in our college.


        • The department encourages to the SC/ST /BC and Minority students to write the Entrance Exam for all competitive examinations conducted by the TSPSC, Banking, RRB and UPSC.
        • Our students will actively participate in regular activities and Special Camps organized by the NCC & NSS Units of our college.


        • We have been taking special classes for PG.




        The department has been following the curriculum prescribed by the University. To regularize to monitor the daily activities of the faculty members the department would keep the activities like preparation of Annual action plan and teaching dairies and synopsis. The regular monthly departmental meetings are held to discuss the academic and non-academic issues of the department as well as the college. The Principal monitors the activities like maintaining  of the teaching diaries, attendance registers synopsis and completion of the syllabus regularly.



        The department is also active in learning to give quality education to the students. For continuous upgrades with latest development in the subject, interaction with the resource persons, attending workshops, seminars at different level, Orientation courses Refresher courses are regular activities of the department.  Department is also conducting extension lectures by eminent lecturers from different Degree Colleges. Our students would be explained through regular classes, inter class seminars, charts paper clippings and magazines.



        The evaluation of the students is a very critical and challenging activity of the department. This follows a regular pattern of Unit-Tests, and pre-final examination system. The marks are recorded in the document along with the attendance. To have proper and justified overall evaluation of learning the students are given written work.




                    Students counseling is one of the innovative activities taken up by the Dept. The faculty members of the department have taken the responsibility of counseling. The students are counseled by the concerned lecturer to develop a close rapport and maintain personal details of each student. The department has been conducting counseling classes for the students regularly and keeps the records of the same.

           Mirror (Voice of the Student) is one of the innovative activities taken up by the department. Every day one student expresses his/her views on the student mirror (i.e GeneralKnowledge, Current affairs of Stateand National, International level).

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