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      Oval: Departmental Profile


      Mathematics is an abstract science. It is the key to unlock the mystery of the nature. Probably it is the path in which shortest distance can be attained between the infinite universe and the human inquisitiveness.

      Development of civilisations is parallel to the development of Mathematics. Mathematics is a fundamental element of present-day life and an indispensable instrument in most of the disciplines. Mathematics develops intuition, analytical thinking and logical reasoning induction and deduction.

      Parallelogram: Profile of the Department

      Text Box: 	Establish of the Department			: 2001
	Courses offered 					: B.Sc (MPC & MPCs)
	B.Sc (MPC (TM), MPC (EM)) was introduced in the year 										: 2001
	B.Sc(MPCs) was introduced in the year : 2001
	Number of Teaching Faculty		: 01
	Present student Strength			: I Year - 30
: II Year - 30
: III Year  30

      Objective of the Department

      Reserved: Objective of the Department

      Reserved: 	jTo inculcate of the habit of independent thinking and problem solving.
	To prepare the students reach out look for various fields.
	Identify and focus the students to the current issues and challenges in the field of Mathematics.
	To train the students in such a way that the knowledge acquired can be practically implemented for solving various problems encountered in the personal as well as professional life.

      Oval: Physical Infrastructure

      vDepartment room


      v10 MB Internet connection

      vDepartment Library (10 volumes)


      Faculty Profile


      SHAIKARIFA                                                                                                  Ph.No:8096196591

      D/o SHAIKMASTHAN VALI,                                           


      Objective      :                Looking forward to be a successful and seeking forassociation

      with an organization that would channelize my potential in a productive manner.

      EducationalProfile      :            MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.Sc) in Mathematics(2005-2007)

      With Distinction, Department of Mathematics,

      BAPATLA ENGINEERING College, Bapatla, Acharya Nagarjuna University.

      BATCHLOR OF EDUCATION(B.Ed.) in Mathematics

      in Vivekananda Educational college, Vinukonda, Guntur(dist).


      In SKSVR DEGREE College, Chilakaluripet in Nagarjuna University.

      Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry.

      WorkExperience    :          14Years

      ·         Worked as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Cresccent Jr College, Hyderabad.

      ·         Worked as a Contract Lecturer in Mathematics at GDC Ibrahimpatnam, RR Dist.(2008-2012).

      ·         Worked as a Contract Lecturer in Mathematics at GDC Nakrekal, Nalgonda Dist.(2012-2013).

      ·         Worked as a Contract Lecturer in Mathematics at GDC Chandur, Nalgonda Dist.(2013-2020).

      ·         Working as a Contract Lecturer in Mathematics at MKR GDC Devarakonda, Nalgonda Dist. (2020-TillContinue...)

      Certificates   :

      ·         Participated in “All India National Level Online Quiz” conducted by GDC, Ibrahimpatnam.

      ·         Participated in “National Level Online e-Quiz” organized by GDC Nagar karnool.

      ·         Participated in “One week Online FDP Program” organized by GDC, Narsampet.

      ·         Participated in “NAAC workshop” conducted byIAE.


      Flexible with Situations Positive Attitude Problem Solving Ability

      Team  Working Capabilities Quick Learner.

      Good at Technology.

      Personal Details:



      Shaik Arifa

      Father’s Name


      Shaik Masthan Vali

      Date of Birth






      Marital Status



      Languages Known


      English, Telugu and Hindi



      7-425/1A, Brundavan Colony,

      Ibrahimpatnam, RR Dist.

      Rounded Rectangular Callout: Student Centric Activities

      As part of teaching learning process, the department focusses on implementation of student’s centric activities such as

      v      Student seminars

      v      Group Discussion

      v      Student Study Projects

      v      Use of ICT Methods in teaching

      v      Student Assignments

      v      Online Quiz

      Reserved: Curriculum Enrichment

      To Enrich the Curriculum the Department has taken the following initiatives

      §  Guest /Extension Lectures.

      §  National Workshops and Seminars

      §  To Focus the students on Various topics Project works are given.

      §  Soft skills, Analytical skills through TSKC.

      §  Value Education and Professional Ethics.

      Reserved: Departmental Activities

      Ø  Ramanujan’s Birth Day Celebrations.

      Ø  Student Study Project.

      Ø  Student Assignment.

      Ø  Eco Club Activities.

      Ø  Employment Service.

      Ø  Art Activities.

      Parallelogram: Eco Club Activities

      Eco Club are Green Club is a Voluntary Group which promotes the participation of Students in learning about and improving their environment.

      Ø  In view of Eco Club programme our students participated in Haritha haram and NSS.

      Ø  All Department faculties are participated in this activity.


      Rounded Rectangle: Teaching Learning Evaluation

      ØAcademic Calendar issued by the college

      ØDepartmental Action Plan.

      ØAnnual Curricular Plan.

      ØEvaluation (Internal Assessment, Sem end Examinations)

      Reserved: In Corona time Department Activities

      ·         Prepared YouTube video lectures.

      ·         Conducted Online Quiz.

      ·         Participated in FDP, Webinars and Online Quizzes.

      ·         Started Online Teaching from Home with Pen Tab.

      ·         In Online classes I had given Pdf format material to the students.


      Student Support Activities

      ·        Scholarship Facility.

      ·        Library Facility.

      ·        Internet Facility.

      ·        Yuvatharangam .

      ·        TSKC.

      ·        MANATV.

      ·        ECO CLUB.

      ·        NCC & NSS.

      ·        Buss Pass Facility.

      ·        Coaching for into Services.

      Reserved: Future Plan of the Department

      ·         To organise workshops.

      ·         To organise National level seminar.

      ·         Field Visit.

      ·         PG Entrance Coaching.

      ·         Civil services, TSPSC Coaching.

      Thank you…..

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