• Bio-Technology
    • Nagarjuna Government college was established in 1956 ,Department of Biotechnology established in 2001 (BBC) English Medium course was wound up after a careful understanding of the need for training and developing highly skilled and qualified microbiologists. The Department of Biotechnology was established in 2000-01as a self financed course with strength of 28 students with Botany ,Chemistry combination the annual fee is Rs 3000/- per student as fixed by the University. Sri .T. Krishna Reddy ,lecturer in Botany was in charge of the Department. He was trained in Osmania University and attended refresher course. He continued up to the academic year 2007-08 and Retired from his services. Later on the 2007-08 Biotechnology hand over charge to Dr. B. Venkataiah lecturer n zoology ,and then one year of period a new panel committee resolved and hand over charge to sir D.Ramamurthy lecturer in chemistry.In the academic year 2012-13 the charge handed over toA.RamanaRao Asst.professor of botany. And after being awarded the autonomous in 2007- 08,Department is acting to the extent of its permissibility on its own designing the syllabus taking into consideration the local and day by day changes in and around of the college. Keeping in view of the up to date trends in the world of globalization, theDepartment has established a well equipped laboratory with all infrastructural facilities Department has two laboratories with built up area of 48 sq.ft length, 28sq.ft breadth in 48x21.2=1017.6sq.ft.Teh

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