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    •             With the initiative of the then Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri Burugula Rama Krishna Rao and under the auspices of Nagarjuna Educational Committee headed by the then Collector of Nalgonda, this college, under the name of anomniscient Acharya Nagarjuna,Nagarjuna Govt. College came into being  in 1956. The history of the department of Telugu begins with the same year. Since then the department has been playing its spontaneous role in the onward march of the institution.

                  With the main thrust on Telugu literature, the B.A., course along with other optional subjects i.e.’ Economics and Political Science was introduced in 1958.Since then its un interrupted continuance as an optional subject for over a half century, deserves a special mention. This course is considered as essential qualification for teachers teaching Telugu in schools in A.P.Great masters like Dr. DhoolipalaSree Rama Murty, Prof.SampathKumaracharya and Prof. M.Veerabhadraiah, Sri P.Shivarama Sharma, (Retired Principal KRR college,Kodad), Dr.S. Narayana Reddy       (Principal, Govt. Degree College, Chandur), Sri G.Ramaseshaiah (Poet)worked in this department in the previous decades.They were men ofintrinsic worth gifted with creative imagination. They held the prestige of the dept aloft and earned a statelevel recognition for the department. They ennobled many a lives out of clay with an ease peculiar only to them.The legacy continues even today.

               The DOT and its members Sri Shivaramasharma, Dr.S Narayana Reddy, Sri  A.PradeepReddy,and SriG.Ramaseshaiah worked collectively and moved earth and heaven to bring M.A.,(Telugu) Post Graduate course to the college, in the academic year 2005-2006. Their efforts bore fruit and a number of students, who were literature-lovers, opted it. The P.G. course has been continuing since then, attracting students of this region. Students of Telugu bagged the O.U. Gold Medal and one second Rank during these years.Scores of students passed UGC NET/JRF, SLET and took up research activity.

               The N.G. College turned autonomous in 2007-2008, after achieving the NAAC B++ grade. The DOT rose to the occasion and introduced new modules of Learning in the Telugu Subject, to further the interest of students in their mothertongue.

      They are many among the alumni of this college from the department, who emerged as successful literarycelebrities as scholars, writers, critics and teachers in A.P. Telugu as second language and as literature (optional) taught here enabled some to choose it as one of the main subjects in competitive examinations, contributed to their glorious success and later to claim prestigious administrative positions at the national level.

              Three among the members of the department at present are the alumni of the college. A living testament to the reliability, viability, and vitality of the department.

      Sl. No. Name Educational Qualification Designation  Experience Specialization
      1 Dr. T. Krishnaiah M.A., TPT, B. Ed, NET, M. Phil,Ph.D. Asst. Professor 22 Years Classical Literature& Folk Literature
      2 Ashok More  M.A., NET, TPT, SET,(Ph.D) Asst. Professor 7 Years Classical Literature& Folk Literature
      3 Dr. V.V. Subba Rao M.A., NET, Ph. D Asst. Professor 14 Years Modern Poetry & History of Telugu Literature
      4 Dr. N. Deepika M.A., Ph.D., TPT, SLET Asst. Professor 7 Years Linguistics & Literary Criticism
      5 N. Lavendar Reddy M.A., TPT, B. Ed, M. Phil, SLET, (Ph. D) Asst. Professor 16 Years History of Telugu Literature
      6 M. Janaiah M.A., TPT, SLET, (Ph. D) Guest Faculty 4 Years History of Telugu Literature
      7 G. Govardhanagiri M.A., TPT, NET, (Ph. D) Guest Faculty 18 Years History of Telugu Literature


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