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Summary of Qualifications

Over Fifteen years of Teaching, Training, Research, Employment, and Consulting experience. Leader with track record of increasing operational efficiency. Supervisory experience resulting in highly trained and effective staff members. Demonstrated ability to communicate with all levels of organizations to train, to lead and to motivate. Problem-solver and decision maker with communication, presentation, interpersonal and organizational abilities. Skilled in public speaking, written communication, program planning/implementation, administration, negotiation and cost control.

Selected Achievements

Consistent success in developing career programs for individuals (new graduates to senior in most career disciplines) wishing to achieve career movement and advancement. Selected for prestigious faculty leadership institute, which addressed regional training and educational needs and identified opportunities and solutions for public and private organizations. Participated in national and International conferences and paper presentations.

Career Highlights

  1. Govt. Degree College: Joined here as senior lecturer in the department of English in Aug-2011. Coordinating all sorts of training, departmental activities like seminars, workshops, extension lectures, etc.Besides acting as Coordinator Internal Quality Assurance Cell for improving the quality, and coordinating different departments of the organization which are inside as well as outside of the organization with State Government, and teaching Graduate English language, grammar and English language, and Trainer Communication Skills.
  2. Vinayaka College of IT and Business Management:here joined as the Deputy Principal & Training and placement officer and trainer of the organization in September-2010 to 2011 August, and provided training to the Management post graduate students in the areas of Communicative English, communication skills, OD and soft skills. Provided input for corporate level decisions to organizational development and ensure organizational goals are met.
  3. MEDAKCOLLEGE OF ENGG.AND TECH.KONDAPAKA. Andhra Pradesh: Head of the Humanities& Training and placement officer and corporate trainer since 2007 – Aug-2010. Provided management oversight for two branch offices. Established career search programs designed to meet each of special needs. Developed professional assistance in objectively appraising career status and in establishing and achieving realistic career goals. Ensured individual possesses well-planned, thorough and effective personal promotion directed toward securing meaningful and rewarding career objectives commensurate with abilities and potential. Conducted and participated in seminars. Provided input for corporate level decisions to OD. As HR manager, ensure organizational goals are met. Hire, train and develop staff to provide greatest assistance. Enhance organization's positive image through public speaking and maintenance of professional and social relationships with community leaders and institutions. As HR manager, created and developed Human Resource Development programs at organization and regional levels. Programs were designed to train greatest number of professionals and established and implemented successfully. Taught Engineering Graduate English, grammar and English language Communication Skills.
  4. Vijayasai Degree College Siddipet: joined in the college in 2005 June worked till to 2007 February as lecturer in English teaching Graduate language, grammar and English language Communication Skills.
  5. ORANGE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, SIDDIPET: Joined in the school in june-1998 as English         teacher to teach VI – X standard students till to April- 2005 taught English language and grammar.


  1. B.Sc – minor English, 1998 from Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP.
  2. M.A, English Literature - 2005 from Vinayaka Missions University, Salem.
  3. M.Phil , English Literature - 2009 from Vinayaka Missions University, Salem.
  4. MBA, HR -2010- from Srivenkateshwara University , Thirupati
  5. MA English Literature and ELT Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur (2010)


  1. Two day national conference on “Women and Science” by IICT- Hyderabad on 8th and 9th May – 2010.
  2. International conference on “Innovative Thoughts – Education, Management, Linguistics” from 12th to 14th August – 2011 at University of Malaya-Kaula Lumpur- Malaysia.
  3. National conference on “HR at Modern Work Place” by SDMIM- Mysore on 16th &17th December – 2011.
  4. National conference on “Post-Colonial Indian Women Novelists” by the Department of English, Telangana University, Dichpally-Nizamabad.


  1. A National Seminar on “Impact of globalization on service Sector” conducted by Giriraj Government College& University Grants Commission, Nizamabad on 2nd Feb-2013.
  2. National seminar on Literature and Transalation by Hindu Girlas College- Gadhri on 28th and 29th march – 2014.
  3. National seminar on Strengthening English Language and Issues and Challenges by Dept. of English KDC-Warangal on 12th and 13th June- 2014.
  4. National Seminar on Effective Language Learning Strategies in English by Department of English, Government City College- Hyserabad on 6th and 7th August – 2014
  5. State level seminar on Impact of English Language Laboratry for Improving Communication Skills at UG Level by Department of English Tara Government College, Sangareddy on 20th September – 2014.
  6. National seminar on Competency Mapping Among College Teachers and Prospects by Department of Commerce, Government Degree and PG College, Siddipet, on 29th and 30th January – 2015.
  7. National Seminar on of the Subcontinent: Literary Reflections- Ruminations in Indian Writing in English by Department of English, Palamuru University, Mahaboobnagar.


  1. Attended Fusion National Workshop on “Soft skills” by Sir CR Reddy College of Engineering, Eluru from 15th to 17th September – 2007.
  2. Attended Workshop on “Thought structuring and English language communication” at JNT, University, Hyderabad by UGC, Academic Staff College on 17th & 18th September – 2007.
  3. Attended Workshop on Outcome based Education in Engineering, Teaching and Assessment JNT, University, Hyderabad by Acdemic Staff College on 25th August – 2009.
  4. Organised University Level Workshop MANJEERA2K15  by IQAC, SRNK, Govt. degree College, Banswada from 8th to 11th September – 2015.
  5. Attended State level Workshop on Attaining and Sustaining Quality in Higher Education by IQAC, Govt. Degree and PG College, Siddipet on 7th September- 2016.
  6. Attended two State Level workshop on NAAC, by CCE at Dr. BRAOU, Hyderabad-2018.


  1. Corporate Social responsibility Faculty Development Porgram by Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Maha Vidhalayam- Hyderabad, on 19th August – 2010.
  2. Training Program on Listening and Speaking Skills for UG Teachers by Andhara Pradesh State council for Higher Education at Kakathiya University, Warangal from 3rd to 7th January-2006.
  3. Orientation Program on Institutional Governance and Leadership Skills to Academic Administrators by UGC, Academic Staff College JNT, University, Hyderabad on 12th &13th March – 2009.
  4. The Course on Effective Teaching; Cooperative Learning: Effective Faculty Development, Outcomes Based Education by US Engineering Faculty Leadership Institute and ISTE at Infosys Mysoere on June - 29th to 1st July 2009.

Extension Lectures Delivered

  1. An Extension Lecture on Soft Skills at SRNK, Govt. Degree College, Banswada-2015.
  2. An Extension lecture on Communicative English at Govt. Degree College, (W) Siddipet-2015.
  3. An Extension lecture on Day to day EnglishSRNK, Govt. Degree College, Banswada-2016.
  4. An Extension lecture on Soft Skills at Govt. Degree College, (W), Siddipet-2017
  5. An Extension Lecture on Phonetics at Govt. Degree College, (W), Siddipet-2018
  6. An Extension Lecture on Non-verbal Communication at Govt. Degree College, Kamareddy-2019.
  7. An Orientation program on Quality Development and Inputs of NAAC to the Faculty of  Govt. Degree College, Kamareddy-2019.

Student Study Projects Supervised

  1. The glory is not Faded-2016-17
  2. Towards Excellence; Action Research-2016-17
  3. The Eminent Inspirers of Telangana, 2017-18
  4. Tense of Tension in Research-2018-19
  5. Linguistic Ecology: The Language and Advertisements a Social Cognition-2019-20


  1. Are we Scrapping Teaching Art International paper published by Anuragam Chnnai- ISBN: 978-93-80627-99-1.
  2. National paper presentation on Employee Management Retention by SDMIM- ISBN: 978-81-922146-9-3.
  3. National paper presentation on Impact of Globalization on School Education.
  4. A National level paper presentation on “Innovative Practices in Interactive Teaching Method” by Dr. JK Research Foundation, Chennai, ISSN: 2321-1172.
  5. An International paper presentation on “Shakespeare and Republicanism in Prospero” by University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India in collaboration with the Shakespeare Association India.
  6. National paper on Innovative Attempt in Translation Theories by Hindu Girls College, Sonipat, Haryana, in collaboration with the Shakespeare Association India.
  7. National paper presentation on Role of Teacher in Developing Social and Leadership Qualities in a Classroom ISBN:
  8. National paper presentation on Developing Communicative Competences Among Learning English as Second Language in Advanced Learners ISBN:
  9. Paper presentation on Role of Language Lab in Uplifting the Local Standards ISBN:
  10. Paper presentation on A Glance at Indian English and Vernacular Drama ISBN: 978-81-930334-1-8.
  11. National paper presentation on Students’ Assessment; Teacher Performance Appraisal, ISBN:


  1. SARANGADHARA full play published by Ad Litteram International, double-blind, peer reviewed, refereed, E-journal ISSN:  24566624, 2016
  2. THE TRIBAL KING Narrative poem published by Ad Litteram International, double-blind, peer reviewed, refereed, E-journal ISSN:24566624, 2016
  3. THE MIGHTY AMAR SINGH published by Ad Litteram International, double-blind, peer reviewed, refereed, E-journal ISSN:24566624, 2017
  4. THE PORTRAIT OF RUSTIC LIVES Collection of One Act plays published by Ad Litteram International, double-blind, peer reviewed, refereed, E-journal ISSN:24566624, 2018
  5. THE BASKET OF CUSTARD APPLE a Book of Collective Poems published by Ad Litteram, ISSN:24566624, 2017
  6. The Wild Wail a full play published by Ad Litteram International, double-blind, peer reviewed, refereed, E-journal ISSN:24566624, 2018
  8. Eminent Inspirers of Telangana, A Collection of Essays, ISBN:978169572946, 2019
  9. The Migratory Birds, Novel in 2019 Amazon Fiction Contest
  10. The Curse of The Diamond, Novel
  11. The Pesticide, Short Story.


  1. Director Admissions and Recruitment of new faculty Orange Grammar School,  Siddipet (2012- 2019)
  2. Board of Studies member Govt. Degree and PG College Siddipet (A) from 2015 Academic year to till day
  3. Reviewer for national online And print journal IJOAASE-ISSN-2320-6136 Print, Online ISSN-2320-6144(Online)
  4. Editor Manjeeranadalu literary magazine since 2015 to till day.
  5. Internal Quality and Assurance Cell and National Accreditation Assessment Council Coordinater, SRNK, Gvt. Degree College, Banswada- 2013 to 15
  6. Coordinator Internal Quality and Assurance Cell, Government Degree College, Dubbak. 2015 to till day.
  7. Coordinator for Telangana Skill Knowledge Center (TSKC) Government Degree College, Dubbak.
  8. Coordinator for College literary magazine, Rangastala Vedika (NATAKA) Government Degree College, Dubbak.
  9. Subject Expert of Medak College of Engineering and Technology for the recruitment of new Faculty in the Dept. of Humanities from Nov.-2019
  10. Member International Ecolinguistics Association from November-2019 to till day.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
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