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Origin and History


                     Zaheerabad is a noted town in Sangareddy distirct of Telangana state.It was named after Nawab Zaheer Yar Jung Bahadur who was an elder son to Nawab Moin-ud-Doula Bahadur an Amir of the Asman Jahi Paigah. During the tenure of Nizam, Zaheerabad and its surrounding region was the Jagir of Zaheer Yar Jung Bahadur.The town was then called Badi Ekkhelli. Geographycally Zaheerabad and the surrounding region is covered with red soil, Agriculture is the main domain of the town and Sugar cane, Ginger, Turmeric etc., are prime crops. Kohir a nearby village to Zaheerabad is famous for Mangoes and Guava archards, all over the state. Zaheerabad is located just 15 km away from Karnataka & Maharashtra state borders. It is also just 30km away from the historical Bidra fort.

                   Zaheerabad is linked with the state Capital Hyderabad by 108km by road and 133km by train. Commercially Zaheerabad is very important town in Sangareddy district by having the largest railway station in the district.

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