Vision & Mission

All the mentioned criteria will be with holy objectives aiming at a better society which leads the country to a better direction.
The objective of the institution is to enlighten young minds with the passion for knowledge which is the cause of human excellence. The emblem of the college incorporates the above holy idea through the following lines.



To address the problems of national development.

To promote self-reliance, economic growth, employment and social and national integration.

To relate to life, needs and aspirations of the people.

To help improve productivity of human resources.

To be perceived as the main instrument of change through human development.

To become instrumental in modernizing the society through knowledge and its applications.

To inculcate social, moral and spiritual values in society.


To seek and cultivate new knowledge, to engage vigorously and fearlessly in the pursuit of truth and to interpret traditional knowledge and beliefs in the light of new needs and discoveries.

To provide the right kind of leadership in all walks of life by helping the individuals develop their potential.

To provide society with competent men and women trained in all professions who, as cultivated individuals, are inclined with a sense of social purpose.

To promote equality and social justice and to reduce social and cultural differences through dissemination of values of education.

To foster the teachers and students and through them in the society generally, the attitudes and values needed for developing the ´good life´ in individuals and society.

To bring the universities closer to the community through extension of knowledge and its applications for problem-solving.

To provide the right kind of work ethos, professional expertise and leadership in all walks of life.

To strive and promote quality and social justice.

To foster good values among teachers and students and through them in society. Contribute in the development of values inherent in physical, emotional, rational, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual education.

To promote synthesis of knowledge, with special emphasis on unity of scientific and spiritual pursuits that will re-vitalize our county´s heritage and promote the ideal of the whole world as one united family.



Encouraging global competence

Developing the all-round personality


Providing Education as required for the future society

Teaching Employability skills

To bridge the skill gap in the students before they venture into the job market

To equip a student with intangible assets like HUMAN VALUES which will otherwise contribute to his/her leading a life with contentment.

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