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About the Department

            The Department was established in 1956 in Sharabeshwara temple. Laboratories were run in the Godown, which were adjacent to the temple premises. At first there was only pre-university course in the year 1956 in which Botany was optional subject along with Zoology and Chemistry. Later subsequently U.G courses were introduced and the institution was affiliated to the Osmania University, Hyderabad. The plinth area of the Department is around 2353 square feet (261.33sq.mts).The infrastructure of the Department is with two spacious laboratories, Museum and Staffroom. The Department has a computer system with internet facility and O.H.P., and we use them in our regular teaching-learning practices. Departmental Library is well established with various reference books and academic books.  


  1. The Department was established in 1956.
  2. The Department has six Lecturers, among them two are doctorates, one is SET qualified and others two are pursuing Ph.D.
  3. The Department has developed Rose garden, Taxonomic garden and Herbal garden.
  4. Our students prepared the herbarium of the flora of college campus.
  5. In addition to regular teaching, teaching aids like O.H.P and ICT technology is used regularly.
  6. Departmental library is maintained.
  7. Study projects and assignment are given to the students.
  8. Student’s seminars are conducted.
  9. Organizing field trips relevant to the subject.
  10. Free coaching has been provided to the students in PG & B.Ed entrance exams. our students have been joining in PG & B.Ed courses every year
  11. Quiz programmes and elocutions are conducted.
  12. Counselling is given to the students so that they would overcome personal as well as career problems.
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