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        Kalwakurthy  is famous for arts and artists. We  encouraged our college students to participate in cultural activities from the beginning.  As per the CCE the part of Yuvatarangam  programme in 2018-19 our students participated in various  folk and cultural activities  i.e. Folk song (solo) , Folk song (group)   in cluster level  and selected to state level .

         In the Academic Year 2019-20 our students  successfully participated  in cluster level programmes   including  Folk song (solo)  , Folk song (group)   and   Sandeshathmaka geetham (message oriented song ) in cluster level  and selected  to the state level.            

          In state level

 1. Ch.Nandeeshwari – BSC(BZC) II Year got  1st  prize in  Sandeshathmaka geetham,      

2. J. Mahesh- B.A.- I Year  got 2nd  prize   Folk song (solo)

 3.T. Praveen- BSC(BZC) III Year  team members( D.Shiva -MPCs-II Year  , Arun Kumar-MPC-II Year )  achieved   3rd  prize   Folk song (group).


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