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The National Cadet Corps, the largest youth conglomerate in the world has been functioning in the college under the command of S D 39 Company. NCC is known for carving the youngsters into fencing strength of nation. Our cadets not only participate in the republic day parade at the state and national level, but also volunteers rescue operations during the catastrophes and such other contingencies. Cadets holding B and C certificates of NCC also deserves reservations in government employment schemes



The National Service Scheme (NSS) is another important platform of the college available for the students to optimize the socio- academic synergies. 600 students of our college have been enrolled themselves into NSS and ramified into five units, of which, one unit exclusively accommodates girl students. The NSS functions at the helm of motivational force of community development. It has also adopted a village which is secluded from the common amenities of the main steam and undertook many developmental programmes, for which, the best commendation award is also received from the district collector. NSS has been seamlessly endeavoring to enhance the community and local participation in the college activities and thereby to increase the width and length of college stakeholders. 

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