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   The Degree College,Wanaparthy was set up under private management in 1974, in response to the rapid urge for Higher education. During the course of later changes, the college was admitted to grant in aid in 1980 and finally taken over by the  government of AP in 1986.

 Presently, the institution runs graduate courses under BA, B.Com B.Sc  . A majority of the students seeking admission in this college are economically poor, hailing from the down trodden section of the town and 20 peripheral villages. The present strength of the college is 1116 including 432 women  students, 90% of them Being first generation literates.

           The college implements curriculum designed by Palamuru University,Mahbubnagar.In order to achieve the objectives of  value based education, the college has marginally supplemented and enriched  the task through co-curricular, extracurricular and extension activities.

 Besides steering all the necessary committees and clubs for monitoring academic and administrative transaction, the college extends all support services. The NCC cadets and the volunteers of 4 NSS units shoulder the responsibility in inculcating(imbibing) the values of social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects. The college encourages women's participation in all the institutional activities and constituted a women empowerment cell.

 In order to make the teaching learning process more effective, the institution adopts all possible interactive instructional techniques like debates group discussion, study projects, field trips and the like.

 The college has an open land of 21.36 acres, and well equipped with computer lab, Manatv hall, NSS room, NCC room, games, gym, library,TSKC, girls waiting room, museum (zoology department), botanical garden .the college has a library  with large collection of books as an immense help to the learners as well as teachers. The students make maximum utilization of all the facilities available in the college.

The college also accommodates Dr BR Ambedkar open University centre and the college teaching faculty is utilized as a resource persons.

 The TSKC has become an important branch of learning in this college. It has been training the outgoing students on the essential skills required by a graduate to get a job in the present corporate world .each year many students are getting selected for jobs in the campus drives  organized by many MNCs.

 With all our limitations, we have been expanding our services to the society year after year both qualitatively and quantitatively. Setting new benchmarks, heights of excellence and shaping the destinies of young men and women, the college has been marching ahead towards excellence.


None can educate you completely,I am still learning....

Education never ends,it is an ongoing process.

Every learning is a realization of your ignorance and a pathway to a series of lessns awaiting,the greatest chapter will always be the last one.

we trust individuals. We trust in breaking and making groups into individuals.
Individuals who are inspired to explore life and lean on their own.

The medicore teacher tells .The good teacher Explains.The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great Teacher inspires ....Willium Arthr ward.

Let us create a society where individuals are responsible ,creative and learned.

The first day begins at an educational institution. May it be The Government Degree College and every four walls dedicated for the cause of education ,not Literacy!


  1. To cater educational needs of the  areas covered by the institution.
  2. Providing higher education to rural students.
  3. To reduce the knowledge gap between rural and urban students.
  4. To impart value /skill oriented education to students.
  5. To impart employability skills to the students.


  1. To be a leading centre of higher education in this region to excel teaching through creativity and productivity.
  2. To inculcate competitive spirit among students with a global vision.
  3. To carve a niche for the college imparting higher quality teaching with holistic approach.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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