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The institution adheres the state government established systems and procedures
for maintaining and utilizing the physical, academic and support facilities.
The maintenance of science laboratories is carried out by the respective
departments under supervision of the in charge of the department with the sub
staff (Record assistant / Lab attendant). Before the commencement of the
academic year, an internal lab audit is conducted to verify the articles as per
the entries in the stock registers and their working condition by the
respective departments. Minor repairs of the articles are carried out at the
department level itself, utilizing the contingency amount sanctioned for that
academic year. If repairs are major they are brought to the notice of the
principal for the necessary action. At the end of the each academic year annual
verification committee is constituted for the verification of the articles with
the stock registers and in charges are instructed to update the stock register.
The Librarian along with his sub staff maintains the library with existing
procedures and rules. Stock registers, Accession registers, issue registers are
being maintained and updated from time to time. The maintenance sports complex
is taken care of by the Physical director college.  Annual maintenance
contract (AMC) from the qualified service providers is arranged by the
institution for maintenance of ICT infrastructure. Maintenance of the digital
classrooms and virtual class room is taken care of by the Govt. of Andhra
Pradesh. Repair, renovation and maintenance of the physical infrastructure like
Building, classrooms, wash rooms, furniture, water supply, electric power
supply is carried out with available financial resources by hiring technicians
from outsourcing in addition to existing contingent staff meant for maintenance
purpose. The college garden is maintained by the department of Botany.

3rd Floor, Prof. Jayashankar Vidya Bhavan,
Hyderabad - 500 001.

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