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Telangana Botanical Garden

Telangana Botanical Garden (TBG) was established in 2020 at Dr. Burgula Ramakrishna Rao Government Degree College, Jadcherla, Mahabubnagar District, Telangana with a unique idea and shape. It is also associated with internationally recognized Telangana State Herbarium (TBHG) and rendering the services to many researchers across the globe. The garden was established in 6.5 acres in the college premises. Out of 6.5 acre, 3 acres are in the shape of the geographical map of Telangana State with demarcation of 33 districts. A total of 4500 saplings belonging to 457 species were planted and conserving in the garden. Among them around 130 species are medicinally important, 19 palm trees, 74 ornamentals, 45 fruit yielding species, 16 wild edible plants, 22 wild ornamentals, 153 indigenous trees, 10 threatened species, 12 Endemic species, 10 Gymnosperms, 10 species of spices. Threatened species viz. Albizia thompsonii, Cycas beddomei, Decalepis hamiltonii, Eriolaena lushingtonii, Hildgardia populifolia, Pterocarpus santalinus, endemic plants such as Andrographis nallamalayana, Brachystelma nallamalayanum, B. bilobatum, Ceropegia spiralis, Caralluma indica, C. stelagmifera, C.umbellata, C. diffusa, Euphorbia telanganense, Pancratium bramarambae and P. telanganense are being conserved in the garden. These seedlings and saplings were collected from Eastern Ghats especially from Nallamalais.

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