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Institutional Distinctiveness 2019-20

Institutional Distinctiveness 2019-20

Institutional Distinctiveness


7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness

Building a foundation for scientific literacy in the next generation...

Our College's ‘ Science Outreach program ’ creates partnerships between our College and

local public schools to provide public school students with engaging, hands-on, inquiry-based

science experiences, every year Our program relies on the transformative power of servicelearning

to engage our students with students and teachers of nearby schools.

Along the way, public school students gain exposure to rigorous and confidence to dive into

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) fields head-first.

Likewise, our college students represent the College by sharing time and resources with the

other nearby private schools as well as they gain experience as teacher leaders through a

significant amount of in-classroom teaching time.

Our Science Outreach strives to:

 Establish long-time partnerships with schools in order to provide access to high·

quality science education and materials that would otherwise be unavailable to

students. We also intend for our Students to act as role models to encourage students

to embarce a life of learning.

 To engage students with interactive, inquiry-based science education to help students·

develop an early interest and understanding of the sciences.

 To provide our students with a positive service-learning opportunity with the chance·

to gain critical skills through significant, in-classroom teaching experience and

community outreach.

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Hyderabad - 500 001.

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