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7.2Best Practices
I Best practice
1.Title of the Practice
“ Mentoring System for Students “
2. Objectives of the practice
To monitor the Students’ academic performance and initiate action to minimize dropouts and
to bring in regularity and punctuality among students community.
3. The Context
• A few students undergo various problems such as stress and related issues. Statistics
reveals that among the students problems such as shortage in attendance, late coming,
incidents of suicides and dropouts are gradually increasing.
• Considering the student-teacher ratio in classrooms, it is impossible to provide personal
attention to each and every student in the class room.
• Hence through the Mentor-Mentee system is introduced. It provides a ‘Mentor’ interact
with the student individually and counsel him for improvement in the true sense.
• Mentoring is required for students to achieve emotional stability and to promote clarity in
thinking and decision making for overall progress.
7.3 Best Practices
4. The Practice
• The practice is that of creating an efficient mentor-ward system.
• Each teacher is assigned 25 students.
• They meet at least once a week to discuss, clarify and primarily to share various problems
which may be personal, domestic, academic, etc.
• The teacher is equipped with all the necessary information about his/her wards.
• The teacher involves local guardians and parents as well, whenever necessary.
5. Evidence of Success
• It is needless to say that a mentor gets the job satisfaction.
• Evidence of success of the practice includes -
 Better results in the examinations
 More regular attendance
 Increased participation in co-curricular activities.
 Better discipline on campus and respectful relationship between teachers and students.
 Mentoring has proved to be the ideal system to have adopted, as a tremendous
improvements that have been seen in the overall performance of the students
 There is a significant change and marked improvements in the students’ attendance and
 High self-esteem appreciation for one-self and respect for others.
 Mentorship was highly appreciated by the parents who felt that their children were in safe
 Students felt that they had somebody to turn to in times of trouble.
 Improved discipline and humanizing environment on campus.
6. Problems encountered and Resources Required
This practice requires well-committed teaching staff who have the desire to help students
beyond teaching hours.
II Best practice
1.Title of the Practice
“ Skill- Will Club “
2.Objective of the Practice
• The goal of the program is to train students in communication skills and soft skills such as
reading/pronunciation/English speaking, writing, Group Discussions, presentation skills etc.
• The “Skill-Will” club aims to train students in soft skills and to empower them to compete
in job market.
3.The Context
• The shift in the job market has brought pressure and responsibility right to the steps of the
educational institution.
• It is the skills that make the students employable besides the acquisition of the degrees.
• It is with this in mind that the initiative was taken up and curriculum designed the actual
requirement of the job market in mind and to create will among students for competing in the
job market, equipped with the necessary soft skills.
• The Program aims to impart soft skills including communication skills, presentation skills,
personality skills and job skills to help students to acquire general English skills and help to
remove mental blocks involved in communication.
• These activities will be conducted through the “Skill- Will” club.
4.The Practice
• The Practice makes room for a group of teachers to voluntarily conduct classes and provide
training to students and equip them with the set of soft skill necessary to compete in the job
• Teachers from department of English have designed a training module and program is
conducted with the help of other trained faculties.
• Teachers put special efforts in addition to their regular work. No fee is collected from the
students for the purpose.
5. Evidence of Success
• The impact of the program is immense.
• The confidence among the students of the club is worth mentioning.
• A large number of students intend to participate in the program and want to get the benefit
of this voluntary initiative from the faculties.
6. Problems encountered and Resources Required
• Resource persons who can impart English as well as soft skills, Books, CDs, Audio Visual
equipment, CD player, multi-media computer system, internet etc.,

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