Best Practice -I

  1. Title of the Practice: MentorshipScheme


  • To plan Personal and career goals ofstudents.
  • To improve presentation skills/written skills and oral communicationskills.
  • To improve general aptitude test/technical quizproficiency.
  • To develop leadershipqualities.
  • To know resume writing and preparations for mockinterview.
  • To monitor overall progress of students during his/hergraduation.


  • Along with the adaptation of good teaching learning process, which enhances the technical knowledge of students, Institute has designed innovative methods for the overall personality development of thestudents.
  • Through Mentorship scheme- institute has developed systematic road map for improving the different aspects of personality developments, Communication Skill, Presentation Skill, Team Work, leadership qualities, resume writing, etc. and make them ready to face the challenges inindustry.
  • The students lagging in any of the above mentioned skills are eager to participate in the different activities planned under the Mentorship Scheme to developthemselves.
  • The objective of Institute to implement mentorship scheme is to provide training and guidance to undergraduate students in all disciplines, increase the participation of all undergraduate students in the different activities conducted by the Institute, which will be useful to them in their life after graduation.
  • Faculty who serve as mentors make a valuable contribution to the education and training of undergraduate students interested in hands-on experience in different activities. Students judge the experiences primarily by their interaction with their mentors. Thus, the role of faculty member in scheme is crucial to the program‘s success.



  • In the mentorship scheme a Teacher (mentor) is allocated with group of approximately twenty students (mentees). Around five students from each year.
  • Mentor meeting is conducted once in an alternate week. Various activities like career goal setting, presentation skill, communication skill, resume writing, aptitude test etc. are conducted in themeetings.


  • Along with these activities, mentor has to keep the academic record of the mentees allotted to him in terms of their monthly attendance, academic results, co-curricular participation within and outside campus etc. and inform the same to theparents.

5.Evidence ofsuccess:


  • The evidence of success of mentorship system is reflected through the overall personality development of students.
  • Those students who had lack of confidence, weak in communication, poor presentation skills, were observed having marginal improvement in the lacked areas when they came to finalyear.
  • Parents were happy to have a system where, the overall progress of their ward is monitored and informed to them timely right from the first year till the candidate completes his/herengineering.
  • There is a marginal increment in the number of students participating in various events held within and outside the college, since the implementation of MentorshipScheme.

6.Problem Encountered and Resourcesrequired:

  • The institute being situated in rural area the students are not that much exposed to the current enhancements. To overcome this mentors play an important role by making them aware of thesame.
  • To mould the student’s mentality towards improvement in their personality without hampering academics was a difficulttask.


Best Practice–II

  1. Title of the Practice:-Students Associations of Department andCollege.


  • To develop personality, communication skill, awareness about different types of entrance exams and interview, and to develop skill to qualify various competitiveexams.
  • To develop awareness about sports and physical fitness.
  • To conduct useful courses and technical seminars & workshops as per the current industry need.
  • To organize various activities like programming contest, technical quiz, debate competition, personality contest etc. that will not only enhance the technical abilities and knowledge among the students, but also builds the overall personality skills of thestudents.
  • To organize events like project competition, paper presentationsetc.
  • To develop awareness about participation in different events held at state, nationaland

  International level.



  • It is platform for students to participate actively in the activities conducted by students associations.
  • Each department of college has its own students association and college also has its own students association called as studentsCouncil‖.
    • These  associations  are  working  on  methods   of   for  the  students,   by  thestudents  and

  from the students‖ means these associations are made by students for students development.

  • In the association students may works as volunteer  on  post  such  as Chairman/president, Vice President, Joint Secretary, treasurer, Ladies representatives and Executive members. They are selected from students by inviting applications from interestedstudents.


  • After formation of association the activities are planned for a semester. While making plan different suggestions from student and faculty members are considered in a meeting. For every activity a team is formed including a faculty and students. The team is responsible for conducting theactivity.
  • Students associations are planning for at least 18 activities each  year and such activities   are sports, technical activities and non technicalactivities.

5.Evidence ofsuccess:

  • The Students who are participating in activities are appreciated with certification and prize. Attendance of participating students is maintained with the signature of event in charge. Notices has been circulated through college about conduction of activities so that students can take active part inactivities.
  • Students involvement: Students are actively participating in different activities, it makes a positive improvement in students like personality development, communication skills, management skills, programming skillsetc.
  • Teamwork: As students and faculty work together, it builds team spirit among students. It also helps for faculty since students are having innovative  ideas.  Bonding is formed among students and faculty. It helps in many perspectives forstudents.

6.Problems Encountered and Resourcesrequired:

  • Students are hesitating to take part in activities because of lack of confidence anddaring.
  • Feeling burden of academics to participate in activities.
  • To motivate students for participation ischallenge


Best Practice- III

1.Goals:Student Study Projects

  • To promote academic-industry interaction and fostercollaboration.
  • To expose students to state of arttechnologies.
  • To encourage students to becomeEntrepreneurs.
  • To encourage students to opt Research and Development ascareer.
  • To encourage students to the area of Intellectual PropertyRights.
    • To provide mentoring to engineering students fromprofessionals.
  • To enhance teaching learning process
  • ThePractice

This event has a successful history of 4 years


  • It is open for students of all disciplines. It is a platform that allows interaction between industry professionals and students as well as offers the corporate sector a chance to assess the potential of students.
    • It is an event showcasing the efforts and expertise in creating innovative solutions to real-world problems  by students from all over.
      • The students exhibit their working models along with posters andpresentations.


  • Industry experts are invited as judges. They use structured evaluation methodology to avoid any bias in theirjudgment.
    • Electronic and print media gives a wide coverage to thisevent.
  • Funding is generated through the sponsorship given by theindustries


  1. Evidence ofSuccess


  • Over the period of time there is a significant improvement in the quality of projects exhibited in theevent.


  • Due to interaction of industry professionals, small and medium scale entrepreneurs with the participants and students involved in organizing committee, training and placement activity is accelerated and resulted in the improvedplacement.
    • Some participants have gone for the IPR with their projects and are in the process of getting patents for the innovative projectideas.
      • Some participants have developed their own products and started privateenterprise.


  • Enhancement in the application knowledge ofstudents.


  • Since all the projects presented in the seminars are of very high quality, identifying the best projects seems to be a challenging task for the judges, as per theirfeedback.


Best Practice- IV

1.Title of the Practice : AlumniAssociation Goals:

  • To provide alumni with the opportunity for social and professional networking and career development.
  • To promote a spirit of volunteering and co-operation amongst MALD alumni in supporting the development objectives ofInstitution.
  • To provide support to the training thestudents.
  • Acting as ambassadors for the MALD in promoting learning and helping with studentrecruitment
  • TheContext

The Alumni Association of MALD is registered with the Registrar of Society. The Alumni Association cell is in coordination with Training and Placement cell organizes alumni meet every year to review the activities of the current year and plan the activities for the forthcoming year. MALD Face book page, departments WhatsApp group, Google-groups account, group email ID etc are available to connect with the Alumni and conduct the face to face Alumniinteraction.



  • Alumni meets Every Year and discuss the development projects.
  • Evidence ofsuccess:
    • During the Alumni meeting, Alumni’s and respective HOD’s are interact with each other and give them information regarding currents industrial market and practices trends in which they work. Thus suitable improvements with respect to the infrastructure facilities and academic can be made in the institute.
    • Senior Alumni’s also interacted with the final year students and guiding them in preparing group discussion (GD) and interviews in core and multinationalcompanies.
    • Alumni are also guiding to the final year students regarding hisprojects.
    • Alumni also help to the students/department to identify the industries for the students in plant training.
    • Alumni take part into arrange the industrial visit to the students where they areworked.
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